Pro-Prop 8 Democrat Campaigning With Obama

Barack Obama‘s Faith, Family and Values Tour will feature Douglas Kmiec, a Catholic legal scholar who will be stumping for Obama. Kmiec has written an op-ed in support of anti-gay Proposition 8. “On Same-Sex Marriage: Should California amend its Constitution? Say ‘no’ to the Brave New World,” is his essay’s title.

Obama himself has come out against “the divisive and discriminatory efforts to amend the California Constitution.” Obama is on our side, the right side.

The Obama campaign probably has over a hundred active surrogates. For us to expect that every single one of those surrogates agrees with us on every single issue is unrealistic and fails to acknowledge the amazingly complex political world in which we live. There are issues that McCain and Palin don’t even agree on and they are running mates. Palin is not some lone surrogate that nobody would ever have even heard of if The Advocate didn’t write an article today, like Mr. Kmiec. People can disagree with other people and yet find common ground on other issues.

When my old boss Howard Dean said in 2003, “I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks.” He didn’t mean he thought people should put rebel flags on their trucks, he meant that they could still work together to provide health insurance for America’s children. Regardless of where they stood on the confederate flag.

There is no doubt that Douglas Kmiec is out-of-touch and wrong on his support of the bigoted anti-marriage initiative. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need his vote and his voice to help us move America forward.

Obama isn’t perfect, no candidate is. But, he’s an extraordinary step from the McCain/Bush years and he’s still got an election to win.

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  • ryandavis

    Barry was his nickname silly.

  • Bill Perdue

    Queerty is engaging in a bit of proactive apologetics when they claim that

    Obama is on our side…


    Obama’s pigheaded opposition to our right to marriage tells us and everyone else that he thinks we’re second class citizens. So does his statement that the DOMA’s passed by most of the states are perfectly fine. Just like Jim Crow was perfectly fine with George Wallace, Jesse Helms Strom Thurmond. Obama totally opposes federal laws legalizing samesex marriage to make us first class citizens.

    Obama based his electoral strategy on appeals to mainly Euro-American protestant bigots, aping the worst efforts of KKKarl Rove. At many of his campaign rallies and speeches at bigot cult centers he or his surrogates proclaim god’s (sic) hatred for the sin of same sex marriage. Bigoted vermin like ex-gay (sic) ‘crusader’ Donnie McClurkin and Douglas Kmiec from jesus christ Inc. and it’s subsidiary Boy Rapers, Inc. go much further.

    Why would a friend refuse to allow even our names to be mentioned in his platform?

    Why would a friend sit idly by with his head up his ass while his party refuses to repeal DOMA, guts ENDA and tosses the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill in the garbage?

    How can a Wall Street pet be our friend? He’s a hustler owned body and soul by corporations.

    How can a rightwinger who voted for FISA and also voted to extend the Paytriot Act be our friend?

    Why would a friend want to draft us to become cannon fodder in his ‘crusade’ to steal oil from muslims?

    With Democrats like these who needs Republicans?


    One more bigot Obama embraces and befriends!

    But hey if all this crap is indicative of how he will govern then of course Gay rights will continue to advance and prosper under an Obama and the new DNC administration. Lets vote for Mr I think you should be more than happy with second class rights. Yay Obamatrons!!!!
    That’s Mr. changey, hopey for ya!

    Changey, hope, hopey, change! ’08

  • Chris

    OK, Messrs. Perdue & Churchill, just who should we vote for? Green Party? Ooo yeah, they’re gonna have a real big effect on the outcome of the election. The Libertarians, then? Yeah, we all know how well that whole deregulated markets thing has turned out.

    Look, the fact of the matter is that Obama is the most left-leaning Democratic presidential candidate we’ve had in a long time. Further left (and thus more pro-gay) than either Kerry or Gore, and much further left than either of the Clintons. Obama’s still not far enough left for ya? Then maybe you ought to join the Socialist Workers Party…

  • flightoftheseabird

    My view:
    Most everything on that salacious site has been debunked. Please get over yourself.

  • Bill Perdue

    Chris, you’re an <b<idiot. No party that trashes our agenda, trashes unions and continues and expands the war is left wing in sense of the word, in spite of what you and McCain say about them. With Democrats like Chris who needs Republicans?

    Gore Vidal very accurately described the Democrats as backstabbing rightists when he said

    there is only one party in the United States, the Property Party…and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt—until recently… and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties.

    There is absolutely no point in winning if the election is won by an enemy. McCain is an enemy of GLBT folks and so is Obama. You’re an idiot if you want to elect your enemy just because he’s electable.

    I agree with some of the politics of the SWP but disagree with most of them, especially their idolatry of Fidel, who’s made plenty of gross errors in regards to the Cuban GLBT communities. Nevertheless, I’d probably be able to join them if I wanted to, but racist garbage like CHURCHILL-Y would gets the bums rush. That’s the same reason they refuse membership to the racist Clintons and to homophobic bigots like Obama who refuse to support our right to be first class citizens with the right to marry.

    Vote for the union led and financed US Labor Party. If not vote for socialist or communist candidates as a protest or join the scores of millions who sit it out because they’re smart enough to refuse to vote for the lesser bigot, the lesser warmonger or the lesser evil. And don’t forget to vote against all the anti-GLBT referenda and initiatives.

  • flightoftheseabird

    Including the birth certificate thing. The Dept of Public Records in HI has said that Barack Obama was indeed born in HI and is the son of American woman. So unless there is this huge conspiracy stretching back 46 years, it is time to move on.

    His middle name is Hussein as you’re hero mAnn Coulter likes to point out everytime her Adam’s Apple moves

    And yes, Barry was a nickname that he dropped in college.

  • flightoftheseabird

    Bill: Mark my words. Barack Obama will receive more votes for President than any other candidate in the history of the US (probably 56-61 million votes).

    So your “millions” of Labors or socialist or whatever should go to the local diner and plot your take over the country from the inside. If it is anything the PUMA convention in Denver, you might need three tables to fit everyone.

  • Bill Perdue

    flightetc. I agree, Obama will likely win by a landslide. The truth is that a bigot will win no matter who wins, and I’m sad that you think that’s a good thing.

    I also hope you learn to read someday. That would help. The millions I spoke of were the tens of millions of us who boycott the elections – not who cast protest votes; that’s a miniscule vote.

    The PUMAistas are Democrats, who like most Democrats have a storng racist cast, are anti-union, pro war and anti-LBGT. That’s more your cup of tea than mine. If you support Obama you should have no trouble support Hillary. Again, that’s sad but the left will be around in the form of the antiwar movement, the GLBT and trade union left and the antiracist movement to clean up the mess rightwing idiot’s like you make.

  • Landon Bryce

    This is unfortunate. The overly apologist text written by our guest editor is very irritating. Please join me in doing the following:

    A. Contact the Obama campaign. Let them know how disappointing it is that Obama has decided to slap the gay community in the face again, especially since his handling of the McClurkin incident was so poor.

    B. Make sure to tell them that you are not donating to Obama’s campaign because he is too willing to sell out the gays to win the votes of bigots. Tell that instead you are donating to EQCA to fight Proposition 8.

    C. Send a big check to EQCA.

    D. Vote for Obama. He’s the best candidate on gay issues and most others.

  • flightoftheseabird

    Bill: I am proudly supporting Obama (and have since 2004). I realize the political realities. It won’t be the President directly that gives me equal rights under any circumstance. It will be the courts, so who the President is determines the appointees. Which is also why I support and organizations such as HRC, Equality California.

    Well whether you are sitting out (and millions sit it out because they are too lazy to get off their ass and learn the issues and walk to the school) or voting for some other non-party candidate, the end result is the same. Republicans win, the true party of hate. Because their base supports really one thing, anti-choice.

  • flightoftheseabird

    …add to what I wrote…

    Because their base supports really one thing, anti-choice. And they vote!

  • Bill Perdue

    flightetc The Democrats and the Republicans are equally bigoted towards us and both their presidential canidadates embody that in their every word and action. But you like that, that’s why you “proudly” support the party the voted for DOMA and DADT, that gutted ENDA and junked the hate crimes bill. You join other proud supporters of Obamas bigotry like Leah Daughtry, Donnie McClurkin and Douglas Kmiec. And as I said, that’s sad.

    The fun part begins after the election. “Hey, Hey, O Ba Ma, how many kids did you Kill Today?1” and renaming homeless camps Obamavilles. Don’t worry, we’ll have fun cleaning up your mess.

  • Bill Perdue

    flightect pardon me, I forgot to add that you’re an elitist jerk for pretending that “millions sit it out because they are too lazy to get off their ass and learn the issues and walk to the school”.

    But that’s why you’re a Democrat, why you support bigots and sellouts like the HRC, isn’t it. Maybe you not so sad after all, maybe you’re just another patronizing jackass. If I remember correctly the jackass is your party’s symbol, isn’t it, so you views make more sense now.

  • Tom

    Someone please wake me when this whole gay marriage shit is over…I’ve had enough of it already. Just give me civil unions and equal benefits and keep your damn hyporcritical marriage crap.

  • Bill Perdue

    Uncle Tom, you can take your second class civil unions and shove them.

    The rest of us want real rights and full equality. Go back to sleep, we’ll wake you when it’s safe for you to step out of the closet.

  • Charles Merrill

    Candidates are not willing to challenge Judeo-Christian “people of faith”. Scripture tells fundamental christians to stone us to death. Is Obama going to change the words in their bible that they hold to be the word of their god. I think not.

  • Charles Merrill

    Obama and McCain are about as smart on the economy as they are about gay marriage, which is Duh!!We are after the same Federal tax rights as other citizens. DOMA violates the Establishment Clause in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.
    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states, in pertinet part, that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” The Establishment Clause is concerned with ensuring that the government does not coerce any individual to conform to a specific religious view, such as the conventional religious marriage.” The legislature violated this principle in engcting DOMA almost explicity. A legal challenge in the Federal courts is the only answer to solve this. Don’t listen to ACLU and other fund raising legal organizations. Take your case to court.

  • Peter Pan

    No. 16 · Tom said ‘

    Someone please wake me when this whole gay marriage shit is over…I’ve had enough of it already. Just give me civil unions and equal benefits and keep your damn hyporcritical marriage crap.’

    My sentiments exactly! Over 40% of all marriages end in divorce anyway.

    Civil union and equal benefits are fine. I’m not a hetero and I don’t want to ‘ape’ heteros.

    BTW: I was in a 27 year long (short) relationship, without cheating on each other once and without having a piece of paper to say we are ‘married’. We knew we were REALLY married because of our honest commitment and promise we made to each other. My partner died nine years ago in my arms of cancer. I would have been entitled to his pension had we been in a civil union.

    Unfortunately there were no civil union laws in those days in my country, so I lost out, which I found very unfair. Civil union would have given my partner and myself all we ever wanted.

    Let our parents, sisters and brothers have their marriage. Good luck to them and may they produce many beautiful little gay guys!

    We really don’t need marriage laws that are being used by every Tom, Dick and Harry to cause discord between straights and gays whenever and for whatever purpose suits them!

    I’m gay, different, and totally happy with just a civil union law.

    Enjoy your day!

  • Brian Miller

    I don’t know what’s more nauseating — the prevaricating excuse-making in the leading article, or all the sour-grapes bullshit in the comments.

    YOU might not want marriage for YOURSELF, just like I don’t want nasty-assed promiscuous street-cruising sexual escapades leading to STDs for myself.

    However, I will defend your right to fuck anything that moves, and the fact that apparently so many of you won’t return the favor by defending the right of your fellow LGBT folks to marry means that you lose the moral right to lecture others on “the movement.”

  • Charles Merrill

    No 20 Peter Pan
    said he is totally happy with a civil union law. Civil Union law is still a state law, and he will not receive 1,138 federal statutory provisions that heterosexuals automatically receive in a “marriage”. If he dies and leaves his estate to his partner over 50 percent will be paid to the government in taxes. Under a Federal marriage for heterosexuals, the estate is passed on tax free to the surviving spouse.

  • John Smith

    For either Barack Obama or John McCain to win the election, each needs to persuade enough people, including people who hate each other, to vote for them. That’s where politics gets tricky.

    Getting votes from only your friends and people who like your friends is not enough votes.

  • AWJD05

    I’m surprised so many in our community bright enough to engage themselves on a political discussion are so narrow minded–and I half suspect that Bill Perdue, Landon Bryce, and Churchill are really right-wing bloggers trying to peel off gay supporters of Obama. This is truly silly season: If any of you folks had ever heard of Doug Kmeic before, you’d know that he is an extremely well regarded and very conservative Republican lawyer and scholar. So it’s no surprise he is against marriage equality. What IS a surprise, however, is that despite all that, he supports Barack Obama:

    To have Kmeic speak to other conservative voters, who like him, can support Obama despite disagreement on some issues is how elections are won. You need to expand the tent, not shrink it.

    Finally, if these three jokers think Obama is a bigot because he “totally opposes federal laws legalizing samesex marriage to make us first class citizens,” then they’ve obviously not done a shred of homework, blinded by their own internalized psychoses. There has never been any “federal law legalizing same sex marriage,” either proposed, voted upon, or passed. I DARE you to post one.

    What Obama has done is only support a FULLY includsive ENDA both in the Illinois Senate and the US Senate. Obama has PLEGED to FULLY REPEAL the Defense of Marriage Act. Obama voted to expand hate crimes in Illinois and came back from the campaign trail in 2007 to cast the DECISIVE 60th vote on the Matthew Shepard Act in 2007. Obama marched in the Chicago Pride Parades in 2003 and 2004. Obama has said he’ll make sure that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed–and unlike Bill Clinton’s clumsy way of handling it, which resulted in a federal law that now prevents the President from repealing it on his own, Obama will make sure his ducks are in a row before willy-nilly raising the issue.

    You three right wing bloggers can keep deluding yourselves, but I find it hard to believe that anyone who takes five minutes to educate themselves on Obama longstanding record of support for LGBT equality–not to mention his dozens of gay friends–will gulp down your poisonous kool-aid.

  • Distingué Traces

    Lulz at the obvious shill in the first comment. Is that kind of political spam done with bots now, or is there some unfortunate dude in a cubicle posting it in one forum after another for minimum wage?

  • Brian Miller

    Obama longstanding record of support for LGBT equality

    Obama doesn’t have a “longstanding record” on *anything* — let alone LGBT equality (where his record is extraordinarily poor).

    It’s also interesting how many far-right-wing religious extremists feel comfortable with Obama — and even more interesting how comfortable he feels with *them*.

    Obama fraternizing with an anti-gay bigot like Kmiec is really no different from him fraternizing with David Duke, except that gay partisan Democrats seem willing to sell out themselves and the LGBT community to a degree that no African American ever would.

    Until we learn to stop making excuses for Democrats embracing bigotry and making excuses for their homophobic records, we’ll continue to get nowhere fast. Partisan Democrats need a metaphorical kick in the side of the head over this shit.

  • Forrest

    Politics is the art of the possible not the ideal. We can’t afford to be purists. Obama is the obvious choice.

  • AWJD05

    Brian Miller, bring it. You’ve criticized Obama on LGBT issues, calling his record “extraordinarily poor” but you’ve yet to offer up a shred of proof and somehow remained willfully blind to every example I cited. You’ve said that like many other gays who support Obama that I’m a “sell out”. Maybe you don’t know much about how American politics or you weren’t old enough to remember 2004 when anti-marriage state constitutional amendments swept the country, permanently degrading our rights in states around the nation and bringing out extremists to reelect President Bush.

    Go back to your hateful, right-wing blog, where you can wallow with your backwards, prejudiced friends. But I suspect the folks on this blog and others are too bright to be susceptible to your empty, factually unsupported assertions.

    So again, I say, BRING IT. Bring on any criticism of Obama and tell us all how you substantiate it. Because frankly, we all know you don’t have anything. Tell us all the other “right wing religious extremists” that you claim feel comfortable with Obama. And then, when you’re done attempting (and likely failing) to come up with something better than McClurkin, tell us–LGBT Americans–the politican you think should be our next president who has a better (and longer-standing) record of equality.

  • Bill Perdue

    Peter Pan tells us “I’m gay, different, and totally happy with just a civil union law” and says ‘fuck you’ to everyone who wants all the benefits of marriage, which are mainly financial. Peter Pan accepts his second class status and he wants the rest of us to imitate his cowering.

    If civil unions/civil partnerships were the norm for everyone we could support them. If marriage as an instituiton promoted and sanctioned by superstitious cults were abolished we could support that. Then and only then could we support civil unions/civil partnerships, because then we wouldn’t be second class citizens, but equal before the law.

    As it is civil unions without benefits, which is what Obama and Peter Pan support, are only for the closeted: they exclude the rest or our communities.

    The Democratic and Republican parties are the last closets. It’s time to break down the closet door and come out into the real world fighting, Peter Pan. It’s never too late.

  • Bill Perdue

    AWJD05 is a sick joke, a rightwing Democrat posing as someone who supports the GLBT agenda.

    He doesn’t support us, he supports a candidate who’ll continue the mass murder of civilians in Iraq, increase the pace of murder in Afghanistan and who wants to invade Pakistan, a nuclear power. Obama’s only opposes DADT because he’ll need cannon fodder. AWJD05 is a right pro war jackass who thinks that the mauling of GIs and the mass murder of Middle Easterners is ok as long as the US controls the oil. AWJD05 is vile.

    AWJD05 supports Obama because he’s a bought and sold hustler answerable to Wall Streets, the jackasses who are ruining the economy. Obama opposes socialized medicine and supports NAFTA-like laws that destroy unions, our only guarantee of prosperity and economic equality. AWJD05 is a right wing shill who supports that.

    The Democratic Party is a cesspool of homophobia. DOMA, DADT, ENDA, Hate Crimes, Obama’s strategy is based on pandering to bigots and he’s still doing it. AWJD05 is a right wing closet case who loves his partisan closet.

    Thankfully the Left and the LBGT Left have plenty of resources to repair the country after McCain/Obama and their supporters finish wrecking it. AWJD05 is a right wing sick joke who’ll oppose that, but he doesn’t count so that’s not a factor.

    Vote for the union led and financed US Labor Party of for socialist or communist candidates as a protest. If not join the scores of millions who sit it out because they’re smart enough to refuse to vote for the lesser bigot, the lesser warmonger or the lesser evil. And don’t forget to vote against all the anti-GLBT referenda and initiatives.

  • Brian Miller

    AWJD05 seems to be under the impression that it’s my job to prove his boy isn’t good on LGBT issues.

    It isn’t, but I can talk about it anyway.

    Obama has refused to co-sponsor companion legislation for the MREA in the Senate. Result — the anti-gay military policy persists, due largely to Obama’s inaction.

    Obama has been a passionate opponent of marriage equality. He cites his religion as a basis for this. He supports segregation in marriage, a separate-and-sorta-equal “civil unions” arrangement that is no different from the segregated schools and institutions for African Americans of 50 years ago.

    Obama has refused to co-sponsor the Uniting American Families Act. As a result, thousands of same-gender families remain separated by discriminatory immigration law. Obama has repeatedly stated that he’s opposed to the law because it could be “abused” by illegal immigrants — a criticism without basis.

    Obama has refused to sponsor legislation to end anti-gay adoption laws in states that receive federal funding for adoption laws.

    In fact, on the issues that matter, Obama has done nothing but talk.

    That’s a manifestly poor record, no matter how AWJD05 spins it.

    My job is not to accept the blather of the ridiculous partisan Democrats like AWJD05 who are trying to sell Barack Obama as the Second Coming (and pro-DOMA, anti-gay-military-service Joe Biden as an “advocate of equality”).

    My job is to point out the facts about their voting records as an advocate of equal treatment under the law.

    So far, AWJD05 and similar partisans have launched endless attacks on me and others who demand a factual approach to gay issues and their candidate. But they haven’t delivered the goods on why their candidate deserves gay support because they cannot.

    Their candidates have atrocious records on the issues that simply cannot be avoided, papered over, or insulted/bullied into silence.

    If they truly care about the LGBT community, AWJD05 and similar people will put the energy they’ve spent bullying the LGBT community and redirect it towards demanding action from their do-nothing party and do-nothing candidates.

  • Brian Miller

    Not to mention that AWJD05 refuses to address the core point that Obama is awfully comfortable with bigots… McClurkin, Kmiec, etc.

    Doubtlessly, if another party’s nominee was campaigning with these people (say, Sarah Palin or Ralph Nader), AWJD05 and similar partisan bullies would be rushing to state that this “proves” that the other candidates are homophobic and hatemongers.

    The hypocrisy is absolutely galling.

  • My View

    Two short videos show that there are good odds that Sarah Palin will become the President of the United States some time in the next four years.

    Here’s how it will happen…

    1. Karl Rove has already “fixed” voter records to such an extent that the Republicans will win the White House in 2008 no matter what lunatics they run as candidates.

    2. John McCain is a very sick man and it is unlikely he will last the four year term.

    These are not idle theories.

    They’re backed up with all-too solid evidence:

  • Landon Bryce


    I’m hardly trying to peel off gay support for Obama. He’s the best candidate. Vote for him. Please.

    But if his campaign does not feel any pain when they put anti-gay people out to speak for him, then they will continue with the strategy. The Donald Hitchcock mess alone should be enough to convince all gays not to donate to the DNC or the Democratic presidential campaign. The accompanying push to keep words like “gay” out of the platform, to make the party more comfortable for anti-gay bigots should make us very less patient with tactics like this.

    Vote for Obama.

    Just send your money to support gay candidates, or at least those who are unambiguous in their support of us. And to defeat Proposition 8 and other anti-gay statewide initiatives.

  • Charles Merrill

    I hope Obama wins, but he could have addressed the LGBT caucus at the Democratic Convention. Instead, Michelle showed up without the children.
    Eww! What kind of message was that.

  • Brian Miller

    Instead, Michelle showed up without the children.
    Eww! What kind of message was that.

    The message was indeed “ewwwww.”

    Obama has no prominent openly gay friends or close associates, and given his willingness to cozy up to anti-gay bigots, I know I have my reasons for suspecting why that is.

    As for the continued ranting against people holding Obama to account based on the facts, how many of them were ranting against John McCain’s close relationship with John Hagee (sp)?

    So McCain can be slammed endlessly for the homophobic views of one of his preacher buddies and that’s responsible — but when one does the same with Obama, that’s “right wing?”

    Give me a break.

    If the Democratic candidate cannot endure internal criticism, and would fail in the election just because of internal criticism, then the Democrats chose the wrong candidate.

    Heck, the present polling suggests they chose the wrong candidate. The Democrats slipping behind and then into a tie with the GOP, given the economic and political situation, is absolutely pathetic. This should be the epitome of a can’t-lose election, but instead Barry’s fighting for his life and reaching out to bigots to peel off some of the right-wing crazy vote.

  • polobear

    Interesting that someone who opposes gay marriage still wants to speak for Obama and not McCain says a lot about the other policies of Obama that are in play for this campaign. As a party we do allow other opinions doesn’t mean we need to follow them.
    Marriage is a state’s right and we just need to make sure if ours is challenged again in the courts we have a Supreme court that will support the law… do you really think McCain and Palin puppets will appoint judges who will interpret that laws our way?
    Funny how Repugs are the first to point out someone in the other party as a bigot but refuse to recognize their own or address the racism in themselves. But hey rules and morales are for other people right?

  • polobear

    Instead, Michelle showed up without the children.
    Eww! What kind of message was that.

    Still better than Palin in a stars and strips bikini holding a moosegun. She may be the first president to also appear in an episode of Girls Gone Wild

  • Brian Miller

    Marriage is a state’s right

    Nope. Marriage is an individual right. There is no such thing as a “state’s right.”

  • polobear

    Well it is governed by the state and bestowed to the individual by the state

  • polobear

    States’ rights refers to the idea, in U.S. politics and constitutional law, that U.S. states possess certain rights and political powers in relation to the federal government. A commonly cited source for states’ rights is the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights. The states’ rights concept is usually used to defend a state law that the federal government seeks to override, or to oppose a perceived violation by the federal government of the bounds of federal authority.

  • Brian Miller

    “States’ rights” is a concept used by the Confederate states to argue that “states” and not individuals have rights. It was used to argue that the federal constitution could be ignored by the states in order to violate the Bill of Rights to promote practices such as slavery and segregation.

    States are thus not accorded “rights” in the Constitution.

  • Charles Merrill

    Douglas Kmiec, a professor of Constitutional should understand that DOMA is a violation of the first Amemdment of the Constitution, the Establishment Clause under any of the trhee tests the Supreme Court has created. While no case has yet challenged DOMA under the Establishment Clause, a few commentators have opined that the statue should be held unconstitutional on that ground. A careful examination of the legislative history surrounding DOMA leads to the conclusion that it is undeniable motivated by a religious purpose. One cannot forget Senator Byrd’s recitations from the book of Geneisis and the Gospel of Saint Mark in the midst of his argument that “thousands of years of Judeo-Christian teachings leave absolutely no doubt as to the sanctity, purpose, and reason for the union of man and woman. One has only to turn to the Old Testament and read the word of God to understand how eternal is the true deinition of marriage… Woe betide that society, Mr. President, that fails to honor that heritage and begins to blur that tradition which was laid down by the Creator in the beginning.
    This important information is from a paper, The Defense Of Marriage Act And The Establishment Clause, by Tanya Marie Johnson.

  • polobear

    from the wikipedia


    Donnie McClurkin

    Mary Mary chimps

    James Meeks

    Jeremiah Wright(who was one of a few who voted against marrying same sex couples in the general synod of the UCC although the majority of churches on the denomination do.) No wonder Obama feels the way he does about marriage.

    Douglas Kmiec

    add to that the rabid homophobes who now lead the DNC and you a great outcome for those who are pro Prop 8.

    I said once and I’ll say it again Barack Obama on the ballot will attract the worst homophobes there are(his supporters) in CA who will end up making Prop 8 the law of the land.

    And what will Obama say when that happens:

    “I still think that these are decisions that need to be made at a state and local level. I’m a strong supporter of civil unions.”

    “You know, I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman”

    But hey Obama is the Gays candidate! Yay!!!!

    Yay Hollywood elite in the pocket of Obama Gays!!

    I guess when one is so filthy rich one can do without the benefits and responsibilities of Marriage, I mean if one even aspires to that. You know perhaps marriage is too below them.

    Changey, hopey, Hope he changes! ’08

  • polobear

    But common usage to date has brought it into the lexicon of the english language to it’s present day meaning… state’s powers is a more correct term but now we are splitting hairs.

  • thats_so_queer

    uhg these political discussions are becoming increasingly pointless, the same two or three idiots posting most of the comments calling everyone in sight a bigot whilst sitting in their respective trees throwing fesses at everyone who disagrees with then, which incidentally is the characteristic behaviour one expects from rightwing bigots, hypocrites!!

  • mark

    If Palin doesn’t scare the F*CK out of you whiney a$$wipes, then you aren’t paying ATTENTION.
    Barack is a natural leader, maybe the BEST we’ve had since Bobby Kennedy, they are so G*D DAMN rare, as you will find out when you reach my age.
    Michelle Obama is fantastic with LGBTs, and my guess is Barack is too, but is a savvy enough politiciaan to not let it show to the fundies, or that’s ALL this election would be about…AGAIN.
    Now go grab 5 friends and go vote Obama and lets change this country BACK to being civilized.


    “Michelle Obama is fantastic with LGBTs”

    Fantastic at emptying their wallets.

    “my guess is Barack is too”

    The gall of some drones, to compare that hypocrite to Bobby Kennedy!
    Sure lets ignore all the bullshit he has done so far. Let’s vote on a guess and not on the facts so far. Go grab 5 more New Orleanians all you want because that’s not where this is going to be decided.


    McCain ★ Palin ’08

  • polobear

    I tell you who is better at emptying your wallet…
    the supporters of deregulation which has led to this economic meltdown wasn’t John McCan’t a big proponent of deregulation?
    What have the republicans done for you lately? Hell even George Will, Andrew Sullivan and other conservative reporters are backing away from McCan’t.
    I am voting on the facts… McCan’t is lost he is changing positions hourly. And the sad thing is America is not open enough to elect someone who openly backs gay marriage on the federal level. I have read some of the racists BS spewed by some on here (Churchie, Jim), so can we really expect others to treat us equally?
    Oh and I grabbed five friends in Ohio and Florida

  • Bill Perdue

    polobear says

    “Funny how Repugs are the first to point out someone in the other party as a bigot but refuse to recognize their own or address the racism in themselves.

    but his problem is that applies equally to the Democrats and especially to race baiters like the Clintons. Both parties are cesspools of bigotry and homophobia.

    Then polobear implies that the Republicans alone were responsible for deregulation. That’s a lie. Obama is as clueless and helpless as McCain to understand it or stop it.

    In 1933 safeguards were built into the system to prevent a repeat of 1929’s Great Depression in the Glass-Steagall Act. It and other laws were meant to control the rabid profiteering of bankers and Wall Street predators. Bit all of these laws underestimated the greed and stupidity of the interlocking milieu of politicians and profiteering corporate leaders who own the economy and the Democratic and Republicans Parties.

    In the 1970 a Democrat, Carter, supported by the Republicans, began to dismantle those regulations. Speculators like Neil Bush target the S&Ls and 1981 Carters deregulation resulted in 3,300 out of 3,800 S&Ls losing big money: 1,000 of them the dust. Bush, along with other fat cat politically connected rabid speculators (of both parties) were bailed out at taxpayer expense by the Resolution Trust Corporation to the tune of about $124.6 billion: a further $36 billion or so was stolen from working people by increasing fees for depositors and jacking up interest rates on loans.

    The unregulated speculative raid on S&N led too a decade of increased taxes on working people (not the rich!) and spurred inflation. It’ll be much, much worse this time because, in addition to the war, it’ll cost trillions, not a few hundred billions.

    Reagan, the Bushes and Clinton finished what Carter started: they let the financial predators out of their cages who began a feeding frenzy. Clinton and his Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, now Obama’s key economic advisor and CEO of CitiGroup, supported the deregulatory Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial act of 1999, which like DOMA, NAFTA, DADT and the Clinton/Bush genocides in the Middle East sailed though Congress with enormous bipartisan majorities: 90 to 8 in the Senate and 362 to 57 in the House.

    A few years ago it all began to come apart. ENRON and WorldCom disintegrated, costing tens of thousand of jobs and revealing that the big auditing firms were little more than paid prostitutes, like the politicians who deregulated them. Those lost jobs were added to the hundreds of thousands lost to predatory profiteers who shipped them overseas with the blessings of Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes.

    This year the dominoes began falling in earnest. And this time it’s not just a few S&L’s and a couple of hundred billion at stake. This time it’s FREDDIEMAC, FANNIEMAE, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and there’s conjecture that CitiGroup, Washington Mutual, Ford and a host of other companies, big and small, national and local are on the edge. And of course hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    That’s up in the air for now, as is the awesomely momentous question; “Are we in the opening stages of a new Great Depression?” That’s just not clear yet, but the fact that it’s a real question is an indictment of the Democrats and the Republicans.

    Nero soloed while Rome burnt. McCain and Obama are doing a duet; neither they nor anyone in their parties has a clue about how to solve this crisis. Obama’s advisor, Rubin, was Clintons Treasury Secretary who promoted deregulation. McCain’s economic advisors just want us to stop whining and accept wage cuts and a drop in the standard of living.

    However many trillions of dollars Congress and the next President toss at the feet of the speculators who their deregulation allowed to run and create this crisis, working people will be footing the bill. Unless there’s a deep recession and a depression with stagflation, in which case all bets are off.

    This awful crisis is the work of both parties. And yet some people still deny that the two parties are fundamentally the same when it comes to fleecing working people, starting genocidal wars and pandering to bigots.

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln

    This is no time for fools.

    No bailouts: let the rich lose it all.

    No foreclosures, garnishments, or repossessions: let working people keep it all.

    Vote for the union led and financed Labor Party or vote Socialist or Communist, or write in some one like Abu-Jamal Mumia for president or just stay home (except where things like Prop 8 are on the ballot). But don’t vote for either of the lesser idiots on the ballot.

  • Bill Perdue

    Most queers who post on this site are pretty bright, but some aren’t.

    I suspect that some of the worst racists like tallskin and CHURCHILL-Y aren’t queer at all, they’re just homosexual ‘gentlemen’ desperate for the approval of rancid rightwigners so the trumpet their racist garbage to be ‘one of the guys’. Roy Cohn had the same outlook and so did J. Edgar Hoover.

    And some people just aren’t very bright. For instance thats_so_queer is an idiot. All this talk of politics confuses and frightens him because he’s way out of his league. Racists have much lower IQs than humans. If he wants a racist friendly site maybe he ought to check the KKK or David Duke or something along that line. I’m sure he’d be much more comfortable there.

    Since there are no good reasons to vote for Obama mark wants to scare the bejezuz out of us: “If Palin doesn’t scare the F*CK out of you whiney a$$wipes, then you aren’t paying ATTENTION.” The idiots in Germany used to say the same thing, except it was phrased as “Only Hindenburg can save us from Hitler”. After winning Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany. Centrists always move to the right and empower the right.

    The biggest problem with the delusional thinking of bonehead dimbulbs like mark is that they always put their partisan loyalty before their commitment to the GLBT agenda. That’s as much a betrayal as their hero Obama repeating every ten minutes or so that he and god agree that we’re second class citizens who have no right to get married. But what else would you expect for a Democrat?

  • mark

    The above post is for that breeder POSER Churchlady

    Buh hahahahahaha….go back wimpering to your GOP and wander 40 years in the G*D DAMN wilderness,
    America will call you f*cktards if we ever want the nation flushed down a TOILET…again

  • mark

    Bill Perdue

    Cynthia will appreciate getting “A” vote

    or go hold your breath for a viable presidential candidate to support same sex marriage OPENLY…do that honey.

  • Bill Perdue

    By viable mark means a candidate who’s a bigot who can get elected. That includes Obama and McCain. That’s why I said

    The biggest problem with the delusional thinking of bonehead dimbulbs like mark is that they always put their partisan loyalty before their commitment to the GLBT agenda. That’s as much a betrayal as their hero Obama repeating every ten minutes or so that he and god agree that we’re second class citizens who have no right to get married. But what else would you expect for a Democrat?

    People who vote for their enemies are self destructive.


    Bravo commie Perdue! Standing ovation for your last post though your deductive abilities leave much to be desired.

    Angry bear wrote:

    “the supporters of deregulation which has led to this economic meltdown wasn’t John McCan’t a big proponent of deregulation?”

    Nice try, but Obama who is the Number Two Recipient of Money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the U.S Senate has a couple of buddies named Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson who surely know something:


    Say No! to Changey, hopey, Hope he changes! ’08

    YES to real AMERICAN change:

    McCain ★ Palin ’08

  • kurt

    Barack Obama does not agree with Douglas Kmiec on every issue nor do I agree with Professor Kmiec. However, I will say without reservation, Doug Kmiec is one of the most honorable and courageous people currently in public life. His endorsement of Barack Obama means a lot more to me than Brent Corrigan’s endorsement of Obama.

    Professor Kmiec, in the unlikely event you read this site, thank you for your efforts to elect Barack Obama.

  • polobear

    I actually appreciate your thought provoking post and will agree that both sides had a hand in this mess, but the simple fact is John McCan’t has been running around saying the economy is strong and is for privatization of even social security. So do I throw my vote to Ralph Nadar or to someone I feel who will more closely aligns to my own philosophies and stances on issues. Of which gay marriage is only one (sorry guys).
    interesting article
    As for churchie… I am not angry at all and to look at the brighter side of things this meltdown has provided a buying opportunity.
    I am actually amused by your histrionics, but careful, you are going to wear out your “!” key on your keyboard.
    You don’t need to hope for change with McCan’t because you know he will, several times a day,

  • thats_so_queer

    Regarding No. 54 · Bill Perdue: “For instance thats_so_queer is an idiot. All this talk of politics confuses and frightens him because he’s way out of his league. Racists have much lower IQs than humans.”

    Let me start by saying I wasn’t in the mood to join in the bashing so I preferred to not single someone out but if I did you wouldn’t have made my list, most of your subject related comments are relevant and interesting. I was referring to people with clear rightwing mentalities who do things like start a post by calling you “commie perdue” and continue with a list of insults supposedly meant to counter a valid argument though never directly addressing any relevant issues. Where there is a healthy debate I love actively participating like I do on many other sites but here there seems to be a decided leaning towards being mean and vindictive without bringing much of value to the table. As for your racism statement was that directed at me? I’m South African and in an interracial relationship so I harbour no such sentiments.

  • Bill Perdue

    In that case, thats_so_queer, as I obviously misread you comments, please accept my apologies.

    I misunderstood because I have no tolerance for bigoted vermin like tallskin and CHURCHILL-Y and don’t mind saying so.

    Again, I apologize.

  • Mr C

    Exactly Bill,

    Those fags are true vermin. Chittyshitty-Y calling someone a “chimp” He ought to look at his Mother.

  • Luke

    I would really like to support Bill’s comments above and I do support his anger. However, he turns around and tars and feathers PUMAs as this, that and everything else. My mother’s a PUMA and the reason is because of Barack using homophobia to scare up votes in South Carolina. She’s not voting for him because of her gay son (me). So I take offense to Bill’s painting with broad strokes. I don’t know every PUMA (and don’t know anyone who says they are one other than my mother) but I don’t think it’s fair to make these snap judgments about them.
    As for those who want to say we have to vote for Barack, no we don’t.
    I’m not voting for any candidate who uses homophobia.
    Sorry but that’s my bottom line. I’m not doing it. Maybe Barack will win in a landslide, maybe he won’t. But he won’t get my vote. I’ll vote in the other races but I’m not voting for president.
    And I don’t think Queerty needs these kind of posts that excuse homophobia.
    I want to see less excuses and more calling out. This is supposed to be Queerty, not the Barack Fan Club.
    Bill, I understand your anger and support you on that.

  • pro8biker

    Marriage is not a civil right, why do you people think that. And even if it was was all people have equal access to marriage they just need to follow the rules of marriage as it has been defined biologically, historically, and in the dictionary. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The two genders are different it is the uniting of both to make a family. Man and woman are inheritly different genetically why do we try to say they are not. diluting the importance of gender and the true marriage relationship will be bad for all of society, Vote yes on 8.

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