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Are you ready for a Grindr TV show? Because it just parked and is walking up.

Ubiquitous gay dating app Grindr is dipping its toes into the world of scripted series, and no, it’s not a horror anthology called The Headless Torso.

The show is called Bridesman and will feature a cast of queer comedians as well as pop star Kim Petras in her acting debut.

The six-episode series, created by John Onieal, will focus on a “gay bridesman” who undercuts his best friend’s wedding. Episodes will run 10 minutes a piece.

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“We’re thrilled to partner with John on Grindr’s first foray into long-form content,” Alex Black, Grindr’s Director of Marketing, said in a statement. “Bridesman is tailor-made for the Grindr community—it’s smart, queer, campy, and features sharp commentary on gay dating, heteronormative standards, and Grindr itself. We are so proud to be showcasing some of the finest talent in the queer community as we continue to find new and creative ways to connect our users.”

“It’s so exciting to create something as joyous as it is gay. We’re grateful that this talented team and Grindr are giving this project life,” Onieal added. “Finally we get to center the narrative on that gay in the bridal party.”

The show is directed by Julian Buchan and stars Jimmy Fowlie (The Other TwoSex and the City in 2020), Shannon Devio (Difficult People), and Sydnee Washington (The Unofficial Expert). Kim Petras, Liva Pierce, Calvin Seabrooks, and Benito Skinner will also be featured.

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Speaking to The Sun last year, Petras likely alluded to the show, explaining: “I was about to do it and then quarantine came around and I couldn’t do it, everything got cancelled, which is annoying.”

“It wasn’t a movie, it was a show. I was really excited about it,” she added.

“But I think it will still happen. I don’t think I could ever play anything too serious. I have a big passion for comedy and humour and comedic timing.”

No official release date has been announced, but the show is expected to arrive this fall and will be streamed on YouTube as well as within the Grindr app.

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