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Ted Cruz can’t stop talking about the size of Rep. Eric Swalwell’s junk & now everyone has questions

Eric Swalwell and Ted Cruz
Eric Swalwell and Ted Cruz (Photos: US Gov)

California Rep. Eric Swalwell has responded with bemusement to comments Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently made about whether Swalwell is well-hung or not.

Cruz was talking to Conservative commentator and podcaster Benny Johnson on the latter’s ‘In The Arena’ show. The two men rode around Washington DC in a limo and talked about how “wokeness” has apparently destroyed the city.

At one point, the conversation strayed toward Swalwell, a Democratic lawmaker and LGBTQ+ ally. Cruz and Johns discussed “tuck-friendly swimsuits” being sold as part of Pride collections at Target (at around the 30.30 minute mark)

Tuck-friendly underwear and swimsuits allow people, such as trans women or drag queens, to more easily hide prominent genitalia if they wish to do so.

Johnson goes on to ask Cruz, “Do you think that Eric Swalwell wears a tuck-friendly swimsuit?”

Cruz replies, “He may be wearing one right now.. to be fair in order to have a tuck-friendly swimsuit, you have to have something to tuck.”

Johnson laughs and Cruz says, “You’re going to get me into trouble for that! I’m just making an observation about anatomy. Let me be clear, I’m not a biologist so how can I know?”

Johnson also attempts to cracks jokes about Swalwell formerly being linked to a suspected Chinese spy who targeted politicians in the United States.

Swalwell responds

Swalwell reacted to the exchange yesterday. He posted a screenshot of Johnson’s tweet and said, “Nothing to see here. Just 2 anti-gay Republicans riding around on a Friday night in a prom limo talking about my…”

Many of Swalwell’s followers also failed to see the funny side in Cruz and Johnson’s musings.

Cruz has spoken out several times in the past on LGBTQ+ issues. This included voicing a personal opposition to same-sex marriage in 2013 and speaking out against a Dallas mayor participating in Pride Marches.

More recently, in 2021 Cruz led GOP opposition to passing the Equality Act. He argues that barring discrimination against LGBTQ+ people was “none of the government’s business.”

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