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Roger Federer gets distracted by tennis players’ butts, too

Filed under “Games People Play”: Roger Federer unquestionably beat Jack Sock during his opening ATP Finals match, but he also sprang a major goof when he totally dorked what should’ve been an easy forehand.

The gaffe probably had much to do with an unexpected piece of performance art on Sock’s part, which involved shaking his ass at Federer.

Honestly, we would’ve dorked it, too.

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Later, Federer laughed off the moment, saying Sock’s “very big” ass put him off:

“It was a big distraction, I’ll tell you that, because it was very big.

That’s what I should have aimed for. That target was bigger than the down-the-line court that I had….

It’s happened sometimes in the past, but not on a big stage like this.”

Sock, of course, was quite happy the trick paid off — and it seems he’s pulled the same stunt before.

“I mean, I did it more for fun,” he says. “Probably do it three times a year. No, it’s not a normal tactic.”


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  • phallictomato

    It looked like Roger hit the ball before he saw the butt though… so, was it REALLY a distraction?

  • am

    A good tennis player watches the ball and the point of contact with the racket and only then the opponent. So I doubt that it was really a distraction.

  • crowebobby

    That was so “cute.” No other word for it.

  • Blackceo

    If you are an avid follower of tennis like I am, you’d know that Jack Sock has one of the best asses on tour. It is meaty and plump. He’s got a donk. Nadal is thought of as having arguably the best ass on tour, and it is nice, but Sock got big boy booty.

    • am

      Dominic Thiem is the winner re: ass though.

    • Donston

      Nadal’s ass isn’t nearly as round as it once was. It’s still a goody though. Thiem and Wawrinka for me have the best asses right now of the current well-known players. Sock isn’t always appealing (those teeth), but he’s an overall thicky for sure.

    • Blackceo

      Yes. Yes. Thiem and Wawrinka for sure. Wawrinka got a big ole donk and Thiem’s really stands out because of his slimmer body type. Pouille, Tsonga, and Feliciano Lopez also get honorable mentions.

  • crowebobby

    A great ass will last for two decades at the most. A great personality will last a lifetime. Ya, I’d rather the ass for two decades as well.

  • GayEGO

    A straight guy I worked with at a company that accepted my gayness was walking behind me on the sidewalk, and he came up beside me and said – “I don’t remember staring at a guy’s butt before.”. Who knows what goes on in people’s mind!

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