Ruby Thomas + Joel Alexander: Guilty In Lethal Brutal Trafalgar Square Beatdown of Ian Baynham

Having admitted to calling 62-year-old man gay British man Ian Baynham a “fucking faggot” while stomping and kicking him on the ground during an alcohol-fueled rage bender, Ruby Thomas (pictured, second from left) didn’t have much of a case to refute manslaughter charges against her. Along with friends Joel Alexander and Rachel Burke, Thomas was charged in the brutal 2009 Trafalgar Square murder, but in a previous trial only Burke was found guilty — of lesser affray charges (causing/aiming violence at another person) — while jurors were hung on convicting Alexander and Thomas. A second jury didn’t have that problem: both defendants were found guilty and will soon face sentencing. Not helping Thomas’ case: Commenting “ha, ha, ha” to a friend’s Facebook post about Baynham’s murder. Now go rot.