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Sacha Baron Cohen Offends Gays, But Also Israelis, Terrorists & Publicists!


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• Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno doesn’t just make fun of gays — it “manages to offend homophobes, Bubbas, born agains, celebrity publicists, Darfur activists, Arabs and Israelis, terrorist organizations, Ron Paul and, perhaps most of all, Austrians.”

• Barney Frank doesn’t take risks.

• How come Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano can make big decisions by herself, while President Obama insists he must wait for Congress to act?

• Naked photos of Dorion Standberry, a “star” of BET reality series College Hill Atlanta, were leaked after someone supposedly hacked into his email account. Then came the rumors that Dorion is a big ‘mo, which he denies … without convincing many.

• New York’s big gay pride parade is this Sunday. This Saturday? It’s National HIV Testing Day.

• Everyone’s calling out a certain celebrity blogger for using the word “faggot” (but calling out others who do the same), but what about his rampant misogyny?


• Gay Father’s Day secrets.

• New York’s support for same-sex marriage hits 51 percent.

• Are Meghan McCain‘s (fantastic!) breasts trying to tell us something?