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On Tuesday, it was announced that out politician Gabriel Attal was appointed as France’s new prime minister—an honor that makes him, at 34, the youngest person to ever hold the title in the country’s history.

And we’re pretty sure that makes him one of the highest-ranking gay dreamboats in the world, too!

Sure enough, the internet exploded with thirst for the handsome, accomplished politician who formerly operated as president Emmanuel Macron’s education minister. Suddenly, a lot of folks were interested in the French education system.

But amid all the heart-eyes adoration for Attal, one photo surfaced that made us stop in our tracks. Sacré bleu! Could this really be him? Is it possible France’s new prime minister… is caked up?

Image Credit: X, @gaysdream

Excusez-moi, Prime Minister, we didn’t know what you were working with!

The bootylicious image has certainly rocked Gay Twitter™. If the gays weren’t already trying to become Attal’s “first lady,” they were certainly standing at attention now after seeing him in some peach-hugging swimwear.

Though, hold up—before you book your one-way ticket to Paris, consider this: It’s the internet we’re talking about here, and in the era of AI image generators accessible to the masses, you can’t always believe what you see online, no matter how hot it is. Especially on Elon Musk’s X, which is even more of a hell-site than before.

Sure, the person pictured does bear a resemblance to Attal—that gorgeous head of hair, a similar complexion, and it’s hard to be certain with those Ray-Bans covering half his face. Plus, whose to stay the politician isn’t packing all that beneath his finely tailored suits?

But we’re here to bust the myth of the minister’s busty butt once and for all…

No, that’s not French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s derrière—it belongs to American actor Danny Plotner! And we have the receipts; check out Plotner’s Instagram post from August of last year. Look familair?

Yup, we’ve been duped! And it remains unclear if the original poster on X was genuinely confused about this, or if they were just trolling for an engagement.

But it’s hard to be too upset because they did put Plotner on our radar. The Los Angeles-based, out gay actor’s credits include everything from Euphoria to Dekkoo’s pandemic-era anthology series So Far, So Close to a few guest appearances in The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula universe. Next up, he’s got an indie queer horror film called There’s A Zombie Outside on the way.

Clearly, at least a few gays were familiar with his work—they’d recognize that backside anywhere!—and set the record straight on X. Even Plotner himself weighed in, joking he “was just happy to be nominated.”

Sorry, we hate to burst your bubble-butt, but that’s Attal after all—we have confirmation from the actual owner of those cakes to settle the score. And, honestly, if you want more proof, Plotner’s got plenty over on his Instagram, so go ahead and do some… independent research!

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