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Sarah Huckabee Sanders really doesn’t want anyone to know she blew $20K on THIS…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders drew widespread scorn last week when she attempted to overhaul Arkansas’ public records laws to shield her activity.

Now we may know one of the reasons why, and it’s beyond embarrassing.

State records show Arkansas purchased a nearly $20,000 podium ($19,029.25, to be exact) just in time for Sanders’ taxpayer-funded trip to Europe this summer.

Yes, you read that correctly, folx. The gay-hating governor spent what many people spend on a car on a custom-made podium with it’s very own traveling case.

That’s almost $15,000 more than gay anti-LGBTQ+ former congressman Aaron Schock spent on a custom-made podium during his own spending scandal a few years back.

A political blogger named Matt Campbell reported the grift on Twitter X.

In response, Sanders’ spokeswoman says the Republican Party of Arkansas used private inaugural funds to reimburse the state, but that seems shady. The state wasn’t reimbursed until mid-September, even though the podium was purchased in June.

“They sent emails to have the credit line increased so that they could buy it, and they specifically asked how it should be coded for state accounting,” said Campbell, via Arkansas Today. “They did not even mark the receipt as something to be reimbursed until they were sending it to me, which is likely why this wasn’t reimbursed until mid-September, despite being purchased in June.”

The spokeswoman, Alexa Henning, decried “keyboard warriors,” and said the state simply made an error.

Campbell sent a follow-up letter to the governor’s office Thursday, signed “Ragnar IV, Warrior King of Keybordia.”

OK, our Keyboard King!

Campbell, who literally brought the receipts, is currently involved in a legal battle with the state over Arkansas State Police records. He invoked the open-records law after the police denied his request to see papers involving Sanders’ travel and security.

The politico nepo baby called a special session last week to severely limit Arkansas’ vast open-records rules. The legislature eventually passed a curtailed version that exempts records related to her security detail, along with other constitutional officers.

At first, Sanders said she was pushing for the change to protect her family’s safety, before pivoting to nonsense about supporting the state police.

Her constituents caught on to her blatant about-face.

Sanders, whose taxpayer-funded “trade mission” to Europe was seemingly nothing more than a free vacation, has enacted a far-right agenda since taking office in January.

Already, she’s signed her own “Don’t Say Gay” bill and appointed Jacob Oliva, the man responsible for crafting the odious legislation in Florida, to lead the state’s education department.

She’s also barred transgender teachers and students from using school bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identities, and banned use of the gender-neutral term “Latinx” in state documents.

One of her executive orders requires Arkansas teachers to acquire parental approval before addressing students by their proper pronouns.

Prior to the start of the school year, she warned school districts to not offer an Advanced Placement class for African-American studies

In other words, Sanders seems intent on turning Arkansas into a mini-Florida. She’s following Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis straight to the bottom.

As a state, Arkansas is struggling mightily. It is the fourth poorest state in the nation, with a mounting affordable housing crisis and massive food insecurity. A recent Scholaroo survey found the state ranks 49th in the nation for quality of life and 50th in the nation for quality of health.

In other words, Arkansas could really use $20,000 to invest in services and good governance. Instead, Sanders chose a custom-made podium.

The people always come first, right?

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