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Scott Baio’s Wife Renee, Lesbian Facebook All-Star

Scott Baio and his wife Renee tweeted about completing their income tax returns, and how their hard-earned money was going toward “lazy non working people.” That started a Twitter war with the lady website Jezebel, which culminated with Renee leaving this message on her Facebook page:

My goodness. If all readers of women’s sites are “lesbian shitasses,” what the heck does that make Queerty? “Faggot ass buttwipes?”

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  • MacPsych

    Classy lady.

  • fredo777

    Fuck you + your wife, Chachi.

  • Becky

    Clearly his piss is draining all the class from him and his wife…

  • Wy

    IMO I believe it might make them Scott Baio.

  • GaryG

    Really, what do you expect from a Republican??

  • dvlaries

    Do we really think she worries if the kids are about at home, when she gets the same urge to vent there too…?

  • sam

    As a dude who lives with 0-4 lesbians on any given night (depending on where my roommates/their gfs are sleeping), I gotta say, there is a lot of cuntness sometimes…

    Although not as much as seems to come out of Mrs. Baio, though.

  • Fitz

    @MacPsych: Thats Klassy Lady.

  • jason

    Renee Baio looks like another assembly-line blonde with a wind-tunnel for brains. Is there any truth to the notion that hubby Scott likes men too?

  • AnonHimUs

    And if Facebook wasn’t staffed by homophobess they would have deleted her post – and her profile – a long time ago.

  • james_cambridge

    He’s unemployed and living off residuals from that shitty chachi show of his from 30 years ago….so who’s really the parasite here?? Idiot teabagger hollywood bitch.

  • Phoenix (Still A Rainbow Warrior)

    @james_cambridge: Yeah, what money was he living on from the end of “Charles In Charge” until “Scott Baio is 45 and Single”.

    @jason: Miz Classy Some-Of-My-Friend-Are-Lezzies got knocked up and dragged Scotty onto a crappy tv shrink’s show to force him into marrying her. Real family values type, dontchya know.

  • AlwaysGay

    Typical heterosexual bigotry. She had to degrade these women by using anti-gay slurs because she thinks being gay is the worst thing. She can have fun cleaning her husband’s skid marks.

  • chris

    Scott honey you are still so cute – what is UP with that bow wow dog faced chick? She is just buttugly

  • Kieran

    Give Renee a break, this is just her clever way of trying to help Scott find work in Hollywood.

  • Cam

    She must HATE sleeping with Baio, because frankly that’s what she’s doing to earn her money, and she is calling her money “Hard Earned”.

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