Sean Spicer blames low score on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ debut on anti-Christian sentiment

America entered yet another horrifying realm of the Twilight Zone yesterday evening when Donald Trump‘s former mouthpiece Sean Spicer made his debut on Dancing With The Stars.

In his video introduction, Spicer, who now works for a pro-Trump super-PAC, said, “There’s no question my time in the White House was very tumultuous. I think it gave people a very one-dimensional look at who I am as a person.”

He then busted out on stage in an ill-fitting neon green blouse and baggy white pants and danced the salsa to the Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life,” for which he earned an embarrassingly low score of 12 out of 30.

Clearly unhappy with the score, Spicer took to Twitter afterwards to suggest that he is being punished by the judges for his Christian faith, tweeting: “Clearly the judges aren’t going to be with me. Let’s send a message to #Hollywood that those of us who stand for #Christ won’t be discounted.”

But Hemant Mehta over at the Friendly Atheist notes that DWTS has featured plenty of conservative Christians in the past, including Tucker Carlson, Rick Perry, Tom DeLay, and Bristol Palin, and reminds everyone that Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that Sean Spicer could dance without ridicule on network television.

“At least give Spicer credit for one thing,” Mehta writes, “We now have a new reason to reject Christianity.”

And now, the tweets…

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