Shepard Smith Is “Sorry” You Took His Calling Robin Williams A “Coward” Out Of Context

Screen-Shot-2014-04-30-at-2.20.39-PM-600x338Presumably closeted Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has apologized for the disgusting rant he went on during televised coverage of Robin Williams’ death this week, in which he accused the late actor of being a “coward” and selfish father, among other things.

Mere hours after news of Williams’ death broke, Smith got up on his Fox News horse to completely shit all over the legacy of a legend universally hailed as a “genius” in the wake of his death. While dated images of Williams spending time with his children appeared on the screen, this is what Smith had to say:

It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? You could love three little things so much, watch them grow, they’re in their mid-20s, and they’re inspiring you, and exciting you, and they fill you up with the kind of joy you could never have known.

And yet something inside you is so horrible or you’re such a coward or whatever the reason that you decide that you have to end it. Robin Williams, at 63, did that today.

“I know he used to get high with your aunt,” he continues, indicating to a guest that it was an appropriate time to talk about Williams’ battle with addiction over the years.

Before the day was over, Smith issued an “apology” to Mediaite, explaining that people took his words out of context:

I was sorry to read online the people who see the world in a black-and-white way, and to suggest that they might have a definitive analysis of why he did such a thing. What I wanted to do is celebrate his life and find some meaning in our own lives, since we often do know someone who is reaching out, and we have a responsibility to help that person — maybe a phone call or a door knock is in order.

To the core of my being, I regret it. It just came out of my mouth. And I’m so sorry. And to anyone and their families who see that, I am sorry.

Smith also says he doesn’t “see the world in a black-and-white way,” which probably explains why he won’t confirm his explicit and highly-publicized gayness.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Sorry, can’t accept well-worn apology. This is what I’ve come to expect from Fox News!

  • tdx3fan

    He needs to be kicked off the air for this stupidity. People that kill themselves do not do it because they are cowards. They do it because they have a long battle with feeling hopeless and just never think they can get over those feelings. Depression is a very serious disease, and until we start treating it like one in this culture we will be continued to be shocked by the people that kill themselves.

  • Lefty

    He clearly saw a golden opportunity to flag up his conservative family values and toady up to his paymasters. Imagine being such a selfish right-wing shit-bag that you’d use someone’s suicide as a route to promotion.

  • Cam

    You know what though, Sheppard could have looked at it the other way. If Williams was depressed for a long time he WAITED until his children were grown to do this even though he may have been wanting to for years.

    It’s a shame that the news seems to have become far more about commentary and flagging opinions rather than just reporting the actual news of the day.

  • ppp111

    I noticed that over the years as well. News, especially cable news, is more about social commentary than anything else. Even progressive stations like MSNBC tend to match and counter whatever Fox is doing.

    Unfortunately, this kind of garbage from Fox News doesn’t surprise me. I think we can agree it’s something we tend to expect from them. Ah well.

  • Desert Boy

    FOX Noise coward, Shepard Smith, is a pathetic closet case.

  • bradharden1

    I agree with Shepard, its a easy way out and to leave a family behind to deal with the pain and lost is very selfish. As for the snooty little gay comments about Shepard, only comes from the fact he is HOT and you can’t have him.

  • Hermes

    Please, please, as a gay man who has been partnered, is successful, has children…. I do NOT want Shep Smith to be part of the same world I live in, say nothing less the same community. Let him be straight – please all divine powers, let him be straight.

  • Hermes

    @bradharden1: I sincerely hope you are right – I SO do not want that cringingly evil little Right wing troll to belong to the same community I do — please let him be straight, please.

  • hephaestion

    Shepard Smith’s “apology” was no apology at all.
    And I’d rather hear him apologize for cooperating with the most anti-gay network in America, FOX News, a network which refuses to allow him to be openly gay, according to some rather believable sources.

  • NiceNCool1

    It’s all too common for people to view suicide as cowardly or selfish. It plays into the same demonization of suicide perpetrated by Christianity, and runs along the same lines as the demonization of the concept of “dying with dignity” for people who are terminally ill. To them, life is supposed to be about suffering.

    I, for one, feel no ill will for anyone who kills themselves. They’ve clearly had more difficulty than they were able to deal with. Who am I to tell them they’re wrong?

  • Little-Kiwi

    Shep is a coward. Grown-ass closet case who pays for sexual favours from the similarly-wimpy gay interns at Faux News.

    as anyone else who’s ever bartender in hell’s kitchen NY will attest – the guy’s a percy old lech. he’d come in and try to sweet talk us, and we’d all roll our eyes.

  • denny155

    How sad, what an idiot. Does Smith not realize that some folks might also take the “I was sorry to read online the people who see the world in a black-and-white way, and to suggest that they might have a definitive analysis of why he did such a thing.” as perhaps being talked down to? Or making a vague attempt to brow beat those who don’t see things his way? It is not my habit to stoop so low but, I believe Shep should just go f*#k himself.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Smith is a coward, that’s why he sees this trait in everyone else. He doesn’t even have the courage to be true. Apology accepted, but lose Fox News. It doesn’t suit you.

  • scotshot

    @bradharden1 Time for you once again to go back to your str8 Troll friends.

    Comeback sometime when you actually have knowledge of what you’re posting.

    A far as “snooty little gay comments about shepard”, When he and others of his ilk come out of their own closets and deal with their own mental illnesses will we be “quiet”.

    Thinking Shepard is hot is another reason for you to seek therapy.

  • Dxley

    It’s funny how you’re all calling him “coward” but he’s not the one who chose to end his life in a way that we can ALL agree is cowardly. We should just do all the hypersensitive people a favor and just ban everything, especially speaking. I don’t think he’s a coward since he voiced his own OPINION, which no one has agree with, but he said it anyway and everyone is on him with all claws protracted and teeth snarling just for telling the truth; the truth hurts — A LOT.

    Who cares if he’s a “closet case” and isn’t allowed to come out? Oh, yeah. You do! He lives his life however he wants and if someone hates it, they can go eat shit and die for all he cares. I’d rather be a closet case and rich than out and penniless and *IF* he’s really gay, I’m sure he definitely agrees. Money before everything else in this life!

    I say good on him for saying what everyone else is scared of saying!

  • Cam

    @Dxley: said…

    “It’s funny how you’re all calling him “coward” but he’s not the one who chose to end his life in a way that we can ALL agree is cowardly.”

    Actually pretty much every post on here is saying they DON’T agree with that.

    As for him being a coward, since the majority of the people posting here are out of the closet in their lives and he is not, it is completely valid for them to remark on that.

  • Ogre Magi

    Sounds like a typical gay christian

  • garrettgla7

    Give her a break u nasty queens. She was riffin’ that’s all. Shit happens. Try to be forgiving.

  • Cam

    Anybody notice that the two posts defending Smith are using anti-gay language to attack the people they disagree with?

    Ok, we get it, you’re little bigoted fangurls.

  • Little-Kiwi

    @Dxley: of course you say that. because you know if you killed yourself the only reason your family would shed a single tear is at the thought of having to waste money to pay for the funeral of son they’ve never loved.

    Williams had a long history struggling with depression. Smith has a long history of sucking up to the people who hate him. Of course you side with Shep Smith – you’re another pathetic close case with no balls.

  • tdh1980

    Miss Smith, whose residence in the glass closet has been as permanent as the tightening the plastic surgeon did on his face, has the audacity to call someone else a coward? Girl, have all the seats. Every. Last. One.

  • Dxley

    Little-Fruit, how do I say this?… Sweetie, try a new one. That “your family hates you” shit has gotten very stale.

  • Little-Kiwi

    But it’s the truth. You know it is. That’s why you’re here, every day, making cowardly anonymous comments that denigrate the very things your shitty anti-gay family taught you. As long as you do this, others will be here to remind you just how much your own family wishes you weren’t their son. You know it’s true. That’s why you troll anonymously. This is your only escape.

    And you’ll never be able to prove me wrong, because I’m right.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Little-Kiwi, you should work for the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit.

  • Dxley

    Proving you wrong would imply I care about what you think. I post my opinions here, and some people lose their minds. It’s just ridiculous!

  • scotshot

    @Dxley: Knp0ow what you’re talking about. Troll.

  • scotshot

    @scotshot: Should be: Know what you’re talking about. Troll.

  • scotshot

    @garrettgla7: Do little str8 Trolls like you masturbate when you write your little comments?

  • lykeitiz

    Oh….so by calling Robin Williams a coward, Shep Sh*t meant to CELEBRATE his life! Now I get it!

    For every gay man who has said “being gay is least interesting thing about me”, I think we can all agree he is far more FOX than he is gay, and hopefully he’ll stay that way. We don’t need this D-bag to come out.

  • Little-Kiwi

    @Dxley: yes. and the specifics of your opinions make it obvious how much your anti-gay parents rejection of you has messed you up.

  • Bill

    It is strange how when people do not really want to apologize unreservedly for comments they made always say that their readers / listeners took their comments “out of context”. No, I don’t buy that. He called Robin Williams a “coward” for taking his life. That is a clear enough statement, which cannot be taken in any other way except as it stands. Unequivocal. Fox News is an irresponsible organisation which allows broadcasters to abuse their position. Fox News has forfeited the right to be taken seriously. It would not have survived in the European context. It would have been ridiculed out of existence.

  • bradharden1

    @hephaestion: Seriously, you should check out the guys that cover there movie and entertainment pieces, very gay gay gay

  • bradharden1

    @scotshot: @<a href="#comment-In my 38 years as a very open queer man, I have never been called straight,thats cool, will give me and my boyfriend something to talk about and say LOL

    • scotshot

      @bradharden1: If you sound like a troll and defend other Trolls be prepared to be called one.
      Sorry you and boyfriend have nothing going on in your lives as to make me topic A of your conversation.


    • bradharden1

      and outside being the butt plug at the local Out House, you have what going on???

  • Dxley

    Having said what I have, I’m just going to walk away from this comment section.

  • Chevelter

    Shep knows a coward when he sees one because he sees one in the mirror every day.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.


    He may be sorry, but that statement was not out of context. He meant it at the time. Maybe FAUX News is trying to cover his ass or maybe Mr. Smith is seeing something in Robin Williams that he relates to and needs to unburden himself of an internal conflict in someway. I’m sure there are people he could reach out to fo help. (Hopefully away from FOX)

  • randalaw

    Hey, Shep, if you find any meaning in your life, you let us know. BTW, we’re not holding our collective breath.

  • Bill

    It is ironic that when I saw Mr. Smith’s first name, I was immediately reminded of another tragedy – that of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man, who was brutally murdered by two thugs from the same town in Wyoming. I know there is freedom of speech in any progressive democracy such as that of the United States, but I do think those in the media need to exercise wisdom and caution – in other words, engage brain before opening mouth. That also applies to social media sites such as this one! Unfortunately I think I am whistling in the wind. There will always be crazy people who will want to be disrespectful and abusive.

  • SteveDenver

    I used to hope Smith would come out and have the last laugh, but it appears he’s just another Fox-HOLE. After all these years of rimming Rupert, if he crashes and burns I won’t be surprised and won’t have much concern.

  • jmmartin

    I am sure others have pointed out that Smith gave a “Fox Apology,” one that says you are sorry if people took as it was meant but you still mean what you said. Presumably, Smith is a Christian. Catholics will not allow burial of suicides in consecrated ground. Suicide is thought “weak” to those who do not know the Stoics and the fact that the poor comedian had bipolar syndrome and was self-medicated on alcohol, to which he appears to have become addicted. Watch it, Mr. Smith! After chiding the justice system for not adopting a no tolerance policy toward controlled substances, Rush Limbaugh was arrested for sending his domestic to “doctor shop” for his drug of choice, Oxycontin. Look in the mirror again, Mr. Smith. Does that guy have any weaknesses?

    • Bill

      I do not condemn Robin Williams for taking his own life. It is a case for many of us of “There but for the grace of God go I!”. Those who judge others fail to realize that they are judging themselves for the same faults they see in those they judge. I totally agree with Andrew Yang about the fact that we do not choose depression or addictions, they are diseases – in fact dis-eases which affect our well-being. Some parts of the Church are too quick to condemn. I think it is immoral that those who have taken the ultimate step of committing suicide should not be denied their place in consecrated ground, since God’s love for them is no different than for the rest of mankind. For that matter Jesus allowed himself to be condemned to death on a trumped up charge!! So does he love Robin Williams? Absolutely!

  • jimontp

    Exactly right about depression, and drug/alcohol addiction.
    Here in SF, everyone is in mourning. We all knew him, cause he showed up everywhere.
    riding his bike, eating out in restaurants, even waiting in line for movies. I know he felt the love..
    But as for being kicked off TV for stupidity and crass, tasteless comments….what would Fox do without them all spouting off their hate and stupidity?

  • Andrew Yang

    I have to chime in as a mental health doctor and say, depression is like the flu in many ways, if you get it you get it, it does not matter if you are rich or poor. People keep saying look at all that he had, how could he be depressed? This frustrates me as it means that society still has no clue has to what people who are addicts or those with mental illnesses like depression go through. Addiction and mental illnesses are diseases, not a lifestyle someone chooses nor one that is influenced by how much money they have. They are chronic diseases that the individuals will have for life in most cases.

  • Andrew Yang

    By heartfelt condolence to his family, friends, fans and well wishers.

  • Chris

    Over thirty years ago, I received a call from a coroner’s office at 2:30 AM telling me that a sibling had committed suicide. I got to call our family — including my divorced parents — to tell them; I got to hear the first tears and cries of denial; and I got to fly out to claim the body and arrange the funeral. My reaction at that time was that suicide is, ultimately, a very selfish act because of what I saw it do to those around me; and myself even, because in arranging for the funeral and flying out to claim the remains, I was not allowed to grieve. It took me ten years or longer to really grieve and to recognize that the circle of that sib’s existence had been reduced to the point where there was no self to be selfish; there was only pain and who knows what else.

    So with all due respect to everyone here, I can see why someone’s emotional, first and thoughtless reaction (especially for someone who has lived through a loved one’s suicide) is to say something is selfish or even cowardly. It is only on reflection, as that initial reaction gets stopped, that we see suicide for what it really is: an ultimate effort to end pain.

    In Smith’s case, I have no idea why he reacted the way he did. But he could and should have stopped himself and thought things through so that words spoken in haste would not cause the harm that they must have to Williams’ family. Ultimately, the survivors have been gut punched; and their own pain and hurt should be central to everyone. This is not about celebrity; it is about real people who must be undergoing the real trauma of a loss that is unimaginable.

  • Bill

    I endorse Chris’ comment 100%.

    • bradharden1

      Millions are homeless, Gays are still getting beat-up and killed, children are molested on a regular basis, Obama has lost his mind, Christians are being killed by the 1000s, Russia is taken us close to WW3, the price of milk is 7 dollars a gallon, teenagers are living in Wal-mart, Ebola has come to my home town, Aids is still spreading, Face book is turning on the cameras on your PC and cell phones, the Navy has banned the Bible, and all the gay community has to worry about is a reporter, using his right to opinion as a scape goat, Why do I celebrate gay pride?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    sounds like you don’t

    • scotshot

      @bradharden1: Seeing that you’re so concerned and outraged concerning the comments here you should abandon all this frivolity and go save the world. Many of us on this board have either dealt with this illness themselves or have friends and relatives who do. It’s time that people dealing with this horror were shown some respect and compassion. Many don’t receive treatment because of the social stigma placed on them and lose their lives in the process.

      PS. The bible has not been banned by the Navy. The problem is the Navy is promoting one religion over any other beliefs by putting bibles only in guest rooms.

  • bradharden1

    You are right 1EquailyUSA I don’t and have not for many years. Gay pride has turned into a joke, the days of remembering stonewall are gone, now its all show and nothing. The gay community is so over run with its own ego, it has become a joke. And don’t even throw the whole marriage thing in the air, we started all that a long time ago. Think Queer Nation. I doudt anyone on this page 35 and below would be able to define themselves as gay is the sex was taken out of it. But of course no one on this comment page was ever int he closet either.

  • Saint Law

    @bradharden1: It’s been a tough old day. But your “millions are homeless” post made me chuckle. So thanks for that.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The “ebola has come to my home town” was good too. Tell you what, why don’t you go get some of that imported monkey meat that’s on sale at the local meat market in your quaint home town and make yourself an ebolasagne. You were making sense until the inane butt plug comment followed. It was then that I realized that you use the gay community to sling insults.

  • Dan Shill

    Smith is right about one thing… He *is* sorry…as in a sorry sack of shit.

  • sanfranca1

    What a DB! I lived with a roommate with depression for two years. It’s not a pretty picture. To call Robin a coward just shows that this AH doesn’t have a clue about depression.

  • Black Pegasus

    When we do and say stupid things, we must live with the consequences. This will undoubtedly be one of Mr. Smith’s lowest moments.

  • DeeJayMiles

    shep used to make 7 mil/year

  • Mykaels

    The man who wont come out of the closet is calling another man a coward…

    • bradharden1

      Why do you feel he needs to come out, if he is queer at all. Since telling people you are gay is only telling them you sleep with the same sex, what would become of the world if he did come out? Would it make him a hero? No Would it give the gay community more rights? NO we got all that, except the whole silly marriage thing. Would it cure a disease? No, we let the str8 folks do that. So if he has no desire to tell the world he sleeps with men, who is anyone to degrade him for it. We attack our own but yet want to cry when someone calls you a fag.

  • Bauhaus

    @bradharden1: Are you willfully obtuse, a troll, or just off your meds…?

  • Mandrake

    Frankly, Shepard WAS taken out of context! He did NOT say Robin was a coward; he conjectured that only as a possibility but the context indicated it could be other reasons. He has been unjustly vilified and should not have had to apologize. The fact that Robin Williams was an entertainment icon does not mean he didn’t have his weaknesses.

  • crowebobby

    While it doesn’t pertain to this particular conversation, I would like to know what kind of treatment Robin got over the years and whether or not he took antidepressants. Not to judge him in any way, it’s just that I’ve know a couple of very intelligent people who refused to even consider “drugs” rather than “fighting their own battles” and who ended up committing suicide. If this was the case with Robin it would be worthwhile examining.

  • Bauhaus

    @Mandrake: Frankly, you’re pathetic. Because he did, Blanche, he did say Robin was a coward. And then Smith apologized, and regretted what he said to the core of his being.

  • Mandrake

    @Bauhaus: Well, it appears you need some serious critical reading skills and apparently didn’t learn any in school. What I said stands, and sadly, I’m sure Shepard was pressured to apologize by FOX News based on emotional audience reaction which was off the mark.

  • Bauhaus

    @Mandrake: Stand your ground, shout louder, shout from the roof; it doesn’t make it so. Did you watch the segment?

  • Mandrake

    @Bauhaus: Yes, I actually did. Did YOU???

  • bradharden1

    HIGH POINT, N.C. (AP) — On the summer night Ellen Gerber and Pearl Berlin committed to spending their lives together, the No. 1 song was “When A Man Loves A Woman.”

    Lyndon B. Johnson was president. NASA had just landed the first unmanned probe on the moon.

    Gay NC Couple Fighting for Recognition

    Gay NC Couple Fighting for Recognition

    14 hr ago 1:50 Views: 32k AP Online Video

    “We’re still in love, after 48 years,” Gerber, better known as Lennie, said recently. “We still can’t begin the day without a good cuddle

  • 1EqualityUSA

    bradharden1 said,
    “Why do you feel he needs to come out, if he is queer at all. Since telling people you are gay is only telling them you sleep with the same sex, what would become of the world if he did come out? Would it make him a hero?”

    Nobody should be outed and nobody should come out before they’re ready, but keep in mind that for everyone of us, from surgeons to football players, from politicians to pastors, from farmers to mailmen proudly state it, numerous people, young people too, are helped through really tough times.

  • Cam

    @bradharden1: said…

    “Why do you feel he needs to come out, if he is queer at all. Since telling people you are gay is only telling them you sleep with the same sex,”

    The typical response from either an anti-gay bigot or a self hating gay.

    Is a straight couple announcing their engagement in the Newspaper simply telling people that they sleep with the opposite sex? No of course not, it’s only when GAYS do it that you feel it is something to be hidden and shameful.

    Maybe straight women should cut their hair and wear shapeless clothes because you know, announcing that they are a woman is simply telling the world that they sleep with men.

    And nice try trying to turn this into a discussion on SMith coming out when the ACTUAL point made was that calling somebody a coward when HE hasn’t been brave enough to come out is hypocritical.

    But of course you already knew that as is shown by your desperation to try to deflect from that topic.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    As for “That whole silly marriage thing,” why should gay couples not have rights to each others’ pensions in death, be able to inherit the house without paying a capital gains tax, or be able to insure each other without it being taxed as additional income? Unless every American is equal, none of us are.

    • bradharden1

      They should have that right, but really show me that enough gay couples stay together long enough to take advantage of those rights.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Do heterosexual couples have to jump through these hoops?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    2 decades and counting…for my spouse and I.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    One is enough to abide in the principle of equality. If even one is deprived of equal rights, that’s one too many. Oh, and I can see by the pronoun you used, “They” should have the right, that you are not gay. If you were truly gay, you would have said, “We.”

    • bradharden1

      LOL waking up next to my boyfriend the past several yrs kinda fits the gay definition. I didn’t use we because I don’t support gay marriage, Gay community is not any where close to mature enough for it.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I’m glad you aren’t sitting next to Scalia on the Supreme Court.

    • bradharden1

      Me to, those robes would make me look so overweight.

    • bradharden1

      If you ever in Atlanta, look me up, I’ll buy you a cup of Java and would love to discuss this in real time.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    ok, good one.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    No way. I hear Ebola’s come to your town! (Thanks. Peet’s, Columbian, black, no sugar…)

    • bradharden1

      Yep the Ebola being here is unsettling especially when the guys are at the hospital less than a mile from where I live.

  • Maude


    Agreed, but (there’s always a but) all those things can be gotten under
    “Civil Union”.

    It cannot be denied that “Marriage” has a religious connotation to it that, in the minds of the religious, leads to a sin that they believe would condemn them to hell.

    The motivation is not so much to deny Gays their right to be lovers and cohabitants, it’s to Protect the adherents of their religion from an eternity of suffering in Hell.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Christ spoke more fervently against divorce. In His 33 years on this planet, nary a word was mentioned about being gay. If this were an issue with J.C., I think He would have said something. Apostle Paul, from a Rabbinical background said things, as did the O.T. but it was likely from a place of misunderstanding. Surely, lying about one’s orientation is unacceptable.

    As for being barred from using the word, “married,” that separates out Americans. Job applicants may be forced to say, “Civil partnership.” It’s marriage, a contractual agreement. Biblically, marriage was a very different definition. Times change. As long as one set of Americans are given rights and privileges, it is inequality to have another set of, “unpopular” Americans forced to acquiesce and use a lesser terminology, all to make the popular people feel comfortable.

  • 1EqualityUSA


  • bradharden1

    If folks would read the whole chapters where Paul calls it an abomination its clearly shows these things as being done without true love for each other, you know like the things that go on in bars.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    We are judged by the amount of Light we sin against. The Reader of Hearts takes all into account, including one’s childhood, biological influences, and motive. As for those who have no faith, do we judge those who have zero propensity toward math, calculus, geometry, algebra? The part of the brain that houses spiritual understanding may not be as developed in those with no grasp of spiritual realms. Some can recite Shakespeare flawlessly, others can dance, others paint, others have spiritual “gifts.” Eyes to see, ears to hear…It all comes down to grey matter.

  • Cam

    @bradharden1: said…

    “I don’t support gay marriage, Gay community is not any where close to mature enough for it.”

    As I said, you are a typical anti-gay bigot troll.

    Because by your logic, Straight people shouldn’t be allowed to get married because Kim Kardashian and Brittany Spears don’t take marriage seriously.

    Sorry troll but your post subjects were discredited ages ago, but thanks for the laugh, it’s always funny when one of you comes back in and tries the same decades old arguments.

    • bradharden1

      You have me rockin, young fellar. So hows your marriage going for ya.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I gotta go be productive. My doggies’ legs will atrophy if I don’t get them out. Happy Queertying.

  • sejjo

    He doesn’t see things in black and white and yet he works for an employer that does just that!

    • bradharden1

      Soooo which is the best way you think to see things, black or white or the gray area>

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