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Shirtless French Farmers, Hairspray Live!, Chris Mears Debriefed, And Much More

In this 2017 calendar, photographer Fred Goudon sets his lingering lens on some stunningly handsome French farmers. Purchase it here.french-farmers-2-1479918092

Fans of diver, DJ, and Olympic gold medalist Chris Mears may want to take a look at the upcoming issue of Gay Times magazine, amirite?

What are our feelings about NBC’s upcoming Hairspray Live? Let’s pray it’s not as toothless as October’s Rocky Horror Picture Slog.

With lashes for miles and fright wigs to spare, Builder of the House’s video for “Look at the Man” is a deliriously draggy diversion.

Feel like getting all roused up and strident? The first trailer for epic gay rights series When We Rise is here.