Small Town On Edge After Persistent “Glory Hole Driller” Strikes Again

oResidents in the city of Vero Beach, FL (pop. 15,749) are on edge after a persistent “Glory Hole Driller” has begun striking their public restrooms at random.

Police are on the hunt for the person responsible for drilling several glory holes in various public restrooms around the quiet Florida town. The most one was discovered last week by municipal employee Brad Dewson.

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Dewson contacted authorities last Friday at around 9:30 a.m. after discovering yet another glory hole had been installed inside the men’s restroom at Treasure Shores Beach in Vero Beach.

Dewson told the responding officer that someone had drilled a “circular hole drilled into the divider wall separating the urinals from the toilets.” He was frustrated because he had already patched up a similar hole in that same bathroom once before.

“Based on the location of where the hole was drilled,” the officer noted in his report, “it is commonly used for male subjects to place their genitalia through it and have oral sex performed on them.”

Unfortunately, police say they do not have a suspect or any leads in the case. As a result, it has been listed as “inactive.” The bathroom, however, is another story.

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h/t: The Smoking Gun