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Ex-Cop Pretended To Be A Woman To Lure 60 Straight Men To His Glory Hole, Did Other Even Creepier Stuff

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.37.27 PMHere’s a general rule of thumb: If you arrange to meet someone to receive oral sex at their private glory hole, you can pretty much assume they aren’t actually who they claim to be. Especially, as is the case with this former Missouri police officer, if they claim to be a woman.

But somehow at least 60 “straight” men were lured into David E. Cerna’s trap with the promise of an nsa blowjob. Cerna then filmed the encounters and uploaded them to a porn site.

This one scheme alone already sends the creep-o-meter soaring into the red zone, yet a full investigation into Cerna revealed it to be hardly his worst offense.

On multiple occasions, Cerna used his authority as a police officer to molest boys. In one case, he detained an 18-year-old with a disability on Christmas day, took him into a private holding cell, and sexually assaulted him.

The mother of that victim spoke out on Fox Files, saying, “It’s messed my son up horribly.  He is paranoid all the time, thinking that someone is watching him, all the time.  He won`t sleep alone.  He thinks people are after him all the time.”

Cerna also set up a hidden camera in a convenience store bathroom, and uploaded those videos to a porn site as well.

He now faces way too many counts of far too many crimes for us to count.

Watch the Fox Files segment on Cerna below:

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