Someone’s Going To Die Because Of Gay Marriage, Says Right-Wing Wacko

wilesRick Wiles, host of the End Times radio program Trunews, thinks a lot of blood will be shed since conservative Christians haven’t done their part to fight the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, reports Right Wing Watch.

Visiting The Jim Bakker Show, Wiles said that signs of the imminent apocalypse are everywhere, including “hundreds of thousands of Christian schoolkids going to elementary school, putting their thumb on the scanner to get school lunch.”

Bakker steadfastly agreed, adding that “it’s going to take a shaking… a vicious, hellish time to wake us up because we are going along with the systems, we are sheep going to the slaughter.”

According to Wiles, Christians’ failure to stand up to the Supreme Court “is how we got to June 26, 2015, and they changed marriage because they knew the Christians wouldn’t stand up because we gave them decades of being passive. Now it’s going to cost us dearly, Jim, to stand up. It’s going to cost us now. Somebody’s going to jail, somebody’s going to die, somebody’s going to suffer.”

Wiles continued:

“I’m not advocating violence, but I’m saying, look at Kim Davis in Kentucky. The ruling elite of this country, there are two things that they will crush: They will crush anybody who tries to stop abortion and anybody who speaks against homosexuality, those are the two things they’ll crush. They came down on her, I mean, U.S. federal Marshals took that woman to jail in the United States of America and where’s the outrage?”

Watch his rant below.

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