Someone’s Going To Die Because Of Gay Marriage, Says Right-Wing Wacko

wilesRick Wiles, host of the End Times radio program Trunews, thinks a lot of blood will be shed since conservative Christians haven’t done their part to fight the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, reports Right Wing Watch.

Visiting The Jim Bakker Show, Wiles said that signs of the imminent apocalypse are everywhere, including “hundreds of thousands of Christian schoolkids going to elementary school, putting their thumb on the scanner to get school lunch.”

Bakker steadfastly agreed, adding that “it’s going to take a shaking… a vicious, hellish time to wake us up because we are going along with the systems, we are sheep going to the slaughter.”

According to Wiles, Christians’ failure to stand up to the Supreme Court “is how we got to June 26, 2015, and they changed marriage because they knew the Christians wouldn’t stand up because we gave them decades of being passive. Now it’s going to cost us dearly, Jim, to stand up. It’s going to cost us now. Somebody’s going to jail, somebody’s going to die, somebody’s going to suffer.”

Wiles continued:

“I’m not advocating violence, but I’m saying, look at Kim Davis in Kentucky. The ruling elite of this country, there are two things that they will crush: They will crush anybody who tries to stop abortion and anybody who speaks against homosexuality, those are the two things they’ll crush. They came down on her, I mean, U.S. federal Marshals took that woman to jail in the United States of America and where’s the outrage?”

Watch his rant below.

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  • Jonathon Popphan

    Davis was taken into custody for being in contempt of court, not because the “homosexuals” were empowered by dark forces in the Federal government.

    Anyone who claims that someone died because of marriage equality is an idiot and does not live in the real world.

  • Cory M. Warren

    There was supposed to be that pastor setting himself on fire, but his faith was soooooo weak, he chickened out.

  • Dakotahgeo

    These christian scheissters are the ones we really have to watch and neutralize before they get out of hand and destroy America… it will never happen! They’re too busy wringing their little peddi-palms crying, “Woe is me, woe is us!” They won’t do nothing!

  • Raphael Marquez

    Why don’t they just kill themselves to make a point?

  • Hector Pagan

    Omg ??????????really this guy is ignorant just leave already u dumbass

  • Eloe Elwe

    Wacko is right!
    I dare say there has been far more blood spilled over straight marriage, than there will ever be for same sex marriage.

  • Jane Elliott

    what he means is, he wants someone to kill either one or several people blame it one Gay Marriage so that he can say ” told you so” hoping everyone will think he is clever, against thinking he is inciting violenceI

  • Ladbrook

    Once I got to “Visiting The Jim Bakker Show” I’d learned all I needed to know. Bakker owned the PTL Club back when I lived in Charlotte, and he is one the religious right’s all-time greatest con men. He spent years IN JAIL for fraud, and millions of Christian idiots STILL send him money every week. Only the most corrupt and most fraudulent of individuals bother to appear on his show today. EVERY ONE OF THEM is crooked and EVERY ONE OF THEM should be in federal prison.

    Aside from that, Bakker is bi/gay. I knew a couple of members of his staff back in the day, and Bakker had 3 or 4 white twinks around for his use and pleasure. EVERYONE knew it… even Tammy. The twinks were employed at the hotel on the PTL property and were nicely compensated for putting out when Bakker wanted it and for keeping their mouths shut about it. The Jessica Hahn fiasco was actually an attempt to “rescue” Bakker from his addiction to boytoys. Bakker wasn’t having an affair with Jessica – she was therapy (as in “reparative”) and the therapy failed.

    Bakker is not a Christian. He’s an atheist who preys on the old, the isolated, and the ignorant. His guests are much the same. And they laugh all the way to the bank.

  • John Malin

    Guess he’s been drinking at that non-working urinal again!

  • Peter Grant

    Why even post this crap – it gives them credence and income

  • Michael Clifford

    Anyone who hosts a show called “End Times” is, by definition, going to say whacko things. And, most likely, completely believe what he says, too.

  • William Holahan

    And it had better be nutjob himself.

  • Andy Herbert

    Someone’s going to die because of religion. Oh wait! That’s already happened.

  • Judy Rae Jackson

    News Flash, Prick Wiles, EVERYONE DIES AT SOME POINT. Try again.

  • Jack Walter

    He seems nice.

  • Frank Saveri

    Everyone dies ass hat, but u can go first.

  • Jonny Joe

    Just another relignorant radio shock-jock who’s smokin’ way too much of that tired old book!!

  • Jim Fortier

    He’s a real wacko!!!!!

  • AtticusBennett

    countless (often young) LGBT people die every day because of this man’s ideology. families are torn apart because of his ideology.

  • Eric Lacombe

    and a lot of people died because of homophobia/bullying….

  • Noel Hoklin

    I saw the first 10 minutes of the program this morning. They were also saying that many people are turning their back on god. If that is true they only have these BIBLICAN, televangelists to blame. Historically, the churches have modified their biblical interpretation to accommodate social changes. That’s why we no longer have racial segregation, ban on women voting, and scientific research. If people are turning their back on god it’s because people are getting smarter and not so gullible.

  • Barrie Goldleaf

    A video ad for ‘American Horror Story’ popped up in the middle of this nutty Rick-Wiles-Kim-Davies story. Most appropriate, I thought.

  • Curty

    Nutjob alert this article and this man who is too interested in the private lives of law abiding homosexuals. Look bitch, this is not a theocracy for the last time, go to Iran for that! If he has such a problem, flee the country.

  • Larry Dougherty

    Maybe we will be lucky & it will be him

  • Ralph Vendegna

    Right wing wacko who says someone will die, it maybe him and any other Right wing Dip shits that agree with this idiot.

  • Mark Coassolo

    Gay Marriage and all ending of discrimination of the innocent gay and lesbian solid American citizens is only going to save people. Well maybe if he is going to start the murdering himself or inciting others to kill innocent gay Americans.

    REMEMBER: These are the kind of people that bashed to the death young gay men or shoot a couple of little young lesbians, these are the people that bully young gay and lesbian innocents to the point of suicide, these are the people that throw out their children because they find out that they are gay and make them the million homeless children, these are the people that picket funerals of soldiers because they ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

  • Michael Jarboe

    He meant to says guns, not gays.

  • Jerry Green

    What a wacko! He and Kim Davis make “Couple of the Year” in my book!

  • Bob Pattinson

    These nutters are desperate to see a universal bloodbath. They are deeply disturbed and in need of psychiatric help – fast.

  • Giancarlo85

    The right wing is resorting to death threats. When they are confronted and cornered like the feral animals they are, they resort to violence. The same thing applies to even some right wingers on here. They start spouting threats because they cannot handle the reality.

  • Kevin J Desmond

    Native Americans have been performing same sex marriages for well over a thousand years, this is a well known fact !!!

  • Michael Miller

    Plenty of people have died because of evangelical whackadoodles.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    Hopefully am astroid will smash into your home?

  • Jessica Somers

    people have been dieing because of marriage from the day marriage became a thing. ‘

  • Transiteer

    Let’s start with him.

  • Jay Willard Abbit

    I just hope we get a say as to who. If so, may I present my list of suggestions for review?

  • Joseph T.D. Anaya

    The scary thing is that a lot of these Christian fundamentalists also have firearms, hopefully no lunatics take this man’s message to heart.

  • Arthur Saavedra

    If HE dies let him. No skin off my back

  • Steve Davies

    We’re ALL going to die

  • David Lapierre

    Great! And let’s give him more airtime, people!!!!

  • Billysees

    @Michael Miller:

    ” Plenty of people have died because of evangelical whackadoodles. ”


    ” countless (often young) LGBT people die every day because of this man’s ideology. families are torn apart because of his ideology. ”

    Sadly and painfully you’re both quite correct.

  • Garth

    What makes me laugh at people like him is that they say things like “… I don’t want to advocate violence …” , yet they know that just by saying these words some other odd twat will take up the banner and make this guys prediction come true. Then he will come back with something like “… it is sad but I knew there would be violence….”

  • Shirley White

    He is right… All the fake ass Christians

  • Shirley White

    A member of parliament shot himself in the head when #France legalized #GayMarriage I think that was last year, now if they all could do the same (Christians that is)

  • Kevin Wotipka

    Someone’s going to die because of life——most likely everyone. So what’s his point?

  • David Gervais

    Someone should ask him “Please show us on the dolly where gay marriage hurt you?”.

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