Son’s Tribute To Dad Marrying Longtime Partner Is Everything That’s Right About Marriage

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Antigay activists would have the world believe that the union of two people of the same gender somehow conjures up the devil himself, inciting the end times and taking down the whole ship in a blazing glory of fire, brimstone and sin — mostly sin.

And they never seem to shut up about it.

But what we just can’t wrap our heads around at the end of the day is: Why?

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Below, YouTuber Garzilly shares a video tribute he made for his father who recently married his partner of 26 years.

There’s nervous excitement, family bonding, happy babies and love abounding.

“After 26 years, my dad and Ricky finally made things official,” Garzilly wrote. “Believe it or not, two men got married, and the world didn’t end. It was an amazing day.”

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How someone can watch it and jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with the picture is beyond us. And hey, as long as people keep saying gay people are possessed by fart demons and infiltrating Starbucks with semen lattes, we’ll keep reporting it.

But the rest of us can continue to feel good that marriage equality is bringing families together: