Would Rather Chat About Movies, Nothing

Sophia Sidesteps Gay Nups

Sophia Loren can talk about loads of things, but gay marriage isn’t one of them. Australian sappho-journo Katrina Fox recently attended a press conference for the Italian Australian Film Festival, which invited Loren as a special guest.

While most reporters stuck to fluffy queries, Fox took things in a queer direction. She recounts:

[I asked] “Do you support gay marriage?” Silence. Then uncomfortable murmurings from the audience. Eventually, Sophia repeats the question: “Do I support gay marriage?” Pause. Cue a frown, handwaving and flicking of hair, then: “You know, I don’t think this is the right place to talk about these kinds of things. Let’s talk about movies, let’s talk about other things … there’s so many things involved in [gay marriage].”

Far too many things for a woman of Loren’s fame and fortune to ponder. Such questions are best left for the poor masses. Fox wasn’t the only journalist Loren ignored. One reporter, who found himself removed, inquired, “Do you fart?” Now we’ll never know…