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These steamy new “Riverdale” scenes request your undivided attention

So. Not surprisingly, there’ve been some more robustly sexy moments in Riverdale — and we feel it’s our civic duty to share them with you.

As Fleshbot (link work un-friendly) kindly reported, the CW seems to know exactly what the audience wants — and that’s for every handsome male cast member to shuck their shirts with wanton abandon.

Related: So, the first steamy gay scene from C.W.’s “Riverdale” is here. Curious?

Behold, distractingly beautiful K.J. Apa minus any sort of shirt, wailing on a punching bag and causing all sorts of drool to accrue on our tremulous chins. (Gross, no?)

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, none of this is remotely work-friendly unless you work in an extremely sexy place. You’ll find the video here, and some real sexy GIFs below.

Shut up and check out what we’re talking about: 

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  • Bob LaBlah

    I have seen sexier looking men in The Christian Science Monitor. Get real. I was expecting super tight Speedo’s-by-the-pool type scenes or an early morning, getting out of bed in tight BVD’s with a hard on type scenes. This sucks. The twink isn’t even staring at the black guys crotch. And this is suppose to be a “gay” 2017 scene? Looks more like Falcon 1983 to me.

  • Xzamilloh

    Porn is available at the click of a mouse… you’re gonna need to do a little better than hyperbolic reactions surrounding shirtless boyish looking twunks

  • Black Pegasus

    I see hotter American Straight guys on Chaturbate every week. Why should I dedicate myself to an entire season of subtle teases by post-pubescent guys who will ultimately disappoint? No ma’am, no thankyou!

  • scotty

    id go gay for reggie mantle. hot damn he’s a cutie. and that serpent Joaquin who was making out with kevin keller. yum

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