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Still need motivation to vote? Check out our list of election movies.

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Is it over yet?

This dang election season goes on without end–in fact, it feels like it somehow started before the 2016 election. With just about a day until the big day, we figure some of you could use a little help in passing the time. For anyone that loves politics but feels a bit burned out on cable news, we offer up this fun alternative: a compendium of election-related movies to help pass the time.

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Sometimes scripted, sometimes not; some funny, some scary as hell; they all tell the story of American democracy, and reinforce the call for all LGBTQ people to vote in this election. For more information on voting, visit our Vote Center, located on our sister site LGBTQ Nation.

Beyond that, have a look-see at these epic films which can help explain how the United States found itself in its current political mess…and offer a road map for how to escape it once and for all (spoiler alert: voting!).

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The Comey Rule

To begin close to home, the two-part miniseries The Comey Rule will rattle some viewers still reeling from the trauma of Election 2016. Based on the memoir by former FBI director James Comey, the series recounts the lead up to and aftermath of the election of Donald Trump. Moreover, though the film goes out of its way to emphasize Comey’s roles as a loving husband and father, it can’t get around the fact that his dogmatic, rigid worldviews and habits left him totally unequipped to deal with an unprecedented situation (Trump’s campaign compromised by Russia) with far-reaching consequences. Jeff Daniels gives a fine performance as Comey, as do Brendan Gleeson as Trump and Kingsly Ben-Adir as Barack Obama. The Comey Rule offers perspective and analysis, but little in the way of resolution, probably because Trump is still in office. How history will view Comey—and indeed, the miniseries—remains an open question.

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