During a live fundraiser for flood victims in Australia over the weekend, TV host Grant Denyer and sports reporter Ben Fordham, both married to women, made out. And they made a killing, too.

The guys appeared together on the Australia Unites: Red Cross Flood Appeal broadcast Saturday evening when someone called in from an unnamed corporation to pledge $50,000… but only if they “pashed.”

“What does ‘pash’ involve? Are we talking mouth open, closed?” host Amanda Keller asked. That’s when Denyer looked at Fordham and asked, “Are you up for it?” And what happened next, well, why don’t you watch for yourselves…

The liplock was meant to be in good fun, but not everyone felt so. Interestingly, it wasn’t homophobes who took issue with it, like you might expect. It was… LGBTQ people.

One particularly sensitive Twitter user by the name of @NicoleMugford said she was “uncomfortable” with the whole thing because it trivialized same-sex relationships.

I’m uncomfortable about the way that men kissing men and people cross dressing is being encouraged as a joke for charity on the Australia Unites,” she wrote. “Please don’t mock and joke about these things in the name of entertainment.”


To which a user by the name of @lilmissmel replied: “I feel you! I’m annoyed about Grant Denyer’s comment about the kiss being worth $5, like the LGBT community haven’t been fighting for rights for years.”

And in a since-deleted tweet, user @alexleslie wrote: “Having two married straight men kiss on live TV to get a $50k charity donation from an unnamed corporation? Um, what? Why are they unnamed? And am I the only one who finds this stunt all kinds of sleazy?”

By the end of the night, 18,000 callers and more than 340,000 visitors to redcross.org.au/floodsappeal chipped in over $25 million to help those who have suffered from the devastating floods that have been happening across Queensland and New South Wales.

Afterwards, Fordham took to Twitter to thank Genyer “for the pash rash” as well as all the people who donated money to the fundraiser.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the flood telethon #australiaunites and thanks @grantdenyer for the pash rash,” he wrote.

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