Extreme-right, white nationalist commentator Nick Fuentes has a laundry list of deplorable views. He’s questioned interracial marriages and whether the Holocaust took place, praised Jim Crow-era segregation laws, and said that he would prefer it if women were not allowed to vote. His latest hot take on human sexuality isn’t so much offensive as it is totally, utterly, batsh*t crazy.

Fuentes identifies as an involuntary celibate (incel), and employed some incredible mental gymnastics to defend his incel identity after admitting he’d kissed a girl in high school. Some followers made the case that Fuentes’ former romantic success actually makes him voluntarily celibate, and we can’t believe anyone actually cares about the distinction.

The anti-LGBTQ personality also apparently thought his sexual orientation was being called into question, leading to this breathtaking argument that all sexual activity is “gay.”

In a recent episode of his show, America First, Fuentes said:

“Gay people do date girls all the time. All these gay people are coming out and saying, ‘I’ve had more girlfriends than Nick. I’ve had sex with more girls than Nick.’

“That actually makes me really more heterosexual than anyone.”

Fascinating. Please, continue.

“If we’re really being honest, never having a girlfriend, never having sex with a woman really makes you more heterosexual,” Fuentes said, “because honestly, dating women is gay, having sex with women is gay. And having sex with men is gay.”

“Really it’s all gay.”

“The only really straight heterosexual position is to be an asexual incel. That’s it. That’s all there is.”

But wait, there’s more.

“Having sex in itself is gay, I think. I think that it’s really a gay act. Think about it this way: What’s gayer than being like ‘I need cuddles. I need kisses … I need to spend time with a woman.’ That’s a little sus.

“I think, really, I’m like the straightest guy.”


After the clip was posted to Reddit, comments mocking Fuentes started to pour in.

Here are just a few:

  • “You know what else makes you gay? Breathing oxygen. Think about it. Do you know any gay people who don’t breathe oxygen? No, you don’t. All these gays, getting lung fucked by oxygen. And yelling makes you way more gay, because it involves breathing even MORE oxygen. Someone please tell Nick that breathing is the gayest thing he can do, and if he wants to be less gay, he should hold his breath until he collapses in his weird little studio.”
  • “This level of mental gymnastics should qualify you for the summer Olympics
  • “I’m not a violent man, but this is a Nazi I would definitely punch.”
  • “Alex Jones take a seat we have a new Sherif in crazy town”
  • “There’s nothing more heterosexual than a 2 minute rant about how you aren’t absolutely gay, not a single bit, not even just the tip, no siree i am surely not homosexual in any way shape or form, in fact having sex with girls is a gay thing, so here’s that”

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