STUDY: Gays Determine Which Cars Will Become Mega-Popular

Jalopnik and Stick Shift contributor Brett Berk recently stated that cars bought by trendsetting LGBT consumers tend to become hits in the general population. Does this mean that if we all go out and start buying Kia Rios that the rest of the world will follow?

He cites quantitive statistics from the research firm Strategic Vision to state that cars like the Hyundai Sonata, new VW Jetta, and Nissan Juke all had greater sales among LGBTs before they gained mass popularity. Though we’re curious how Strategic Vision got its data. The last time a car salesman asked us about our sexual orientation, we ended up acting out a scene from Auto Lube 4 (one of Rick Perry’s favorites).

Here’s what Burk had to say:

As the (ahem) poof in the pudding, they cite a number of vehicles that we gays have gone Gaga for, that have subsequently found mass popularity with the rest of you. It includes current sales hits like the Hyundai Sonata (21% more popular with LGBT than non-LGBT consumers), new VW Jetta (71% more popular), and Nissan Juke (181% more popular).

So what pings these consumers’ trendsetting gaydars? Features like environmental friendliness (31% more important to LGBT consumers than non-), interior accessories (37% more important), innovative audio/video systems (48% more important), and a unique and differentiating appearance (50% more important) — though in the case of this last feature, someone ought to alert the new Jetta. Also, prestige (24% more important): the whiff of brand slut distinction that marques like BMW, Subaru, and Nissan have apparently succeeded in baking into their cars, compared to others in the segment. The gays are also impulse buyers, and are 30% more likely than an average consumer to purchase a vehicle on a whim after seeing one that caught their attention.

He goes onto wonder whether gays just tend to pick bland cars that become popular or whether gay tastes have just become mainstream auto design features. We’re gonna go with a third choice, that gays lacking kids and hungry for innovation tend to buy new cars first and that many of those new cars are as exciting as vanilla pudding.

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  • Kamuriie

    Perhaps tellingly, I have a friend with a Sonata, and another friend with a Jetta. I don’t particularly like those cars.

    I’ve got a Honda Fit. It’s cute, and fun to drive. >.>

  • Hyhybt

    I still love my 04 Taurus and would, if I needed a new car and it were possible, would buy it new again.

  • Meowzer

    I drive a Jeep Liberty… but if I was looking for a new car, I honestly would consider the Juke. When accessorized properly, it can be hot. Much like gay men in general.

  • Jim

    Fiat 500 will be the next big one. (so to speak)

  • Jim

    It helps that the new (2011 and beyond) Sonata model isn’t just a bland box of a sedan anymore.

  • Zack

    we need to have a web site to act as a clearing house for what is an acceptable gay trend. I was about to buy a mini cooper, but i need to know if its still a gay car first.

  • nineinchnail

    Jetta? About the most boring car to look at on the road today. I’ll keep my Saab thanks very much. Gotta say those Fiat 500s sure are cute too.

  • Steve

    The list of cars in that article are all very bland, not “exciting” at all. I think that has something to do with testosterone levels and reproductive display/competition, more than sexual orientation per se.

    I think most people understand it’s not a choice. Some people will remain convinced that you can be ‘cured’, but I think most people appreciate it’s just the way the brain is wired. Straight guys are just wired to buy over-powered “performance” cars. They don’t really have a choice. Because there are so many “performance” models, none of them gets much market share.

    Gay guys look at efficiency, performance, features, comfort, entertainment, reliability, and design as a whole package. Performance is in the mix, but it’s not the only attribute that matters. It takes a lot of work over a period of years to develop a single product with all of those attributes, so there are not as many different product models. And, when you get the aerodynamics right for high efficiency, you end up with a bland car that looks like an egg.

    (What do I drive? A Toyota Hybrid Camry — It’s about as boring as you can get, but also very high on efficiency, features, comfort, entertainment, and reliability.)

  • Chuck

    It’s really not just cars. I mean, we have been trendsetting hair, fashion, interiors, entertainment, music, food, etc. since the dawn of civilization. It’s one stereotype I’ll agree with because it’s true! What would society be without gay guys telling hapless straights what to do and like? And Lesbians to do the actual work . Without us, society would be nothing but worker ants and professional sports, ie. hell.

  • alan Balehead

    Bullshit!! When the new Camero was considered a gay gar….the manufactors had 20,000 orders cancelled in the first week alone!!!

  • Dan

    I’ll keep my champagne ’92 Mercedes-Benz SL 600! After all, Gays invented fashion and chic. There is NOTHING that’s more chic than a Mercedes dahling!

  • Eagle Eggs

    Yes, once the world learns what the gays will be driving, they pick other cars to drive and THOSE cars (the ones the gays did not like) become the MEGA POPULAR CARS!!!

  • David

    @nineinchnail:+60, saab is all ill drive

  • David

    @nineinchnail:+60, ill only drive saab

  • CaliberGuy

    Apparently they forgot to send out the memo about what makes a car “gay” let alone what makes it appropriately gay, because I don’t like any of the cars they gave examples of VW Jetta over priced expression of beige on wheels, Juke uglier then sin,and Hyundai Sanata boring copy cat styling. I am quite happy with and would buy all over again my 08 Dodge caliber (R/T AWD) or if money was no option an Dodge Charger SRT8 (heck money being no option lets throw in the Challenger SRT8) efficiency is nice but raw power, bold kick a$$ styling is even better.

  • Greenlee Gazette

    @CaliberGuy, if you think the Sonata has “copycat” styling, you’re not thinking of the right car. The only other car that looks remotely like it is possibly a Mercedes. It’s all swoopy and aerodynamic. . .it looks like little else on the road. Even its new Kia twin looks different (and pretty cool in its own right).

    We have a VW Golf, which practically farts rainbows. My car is a Mitsubishi Galant, which will win no beauty contests, but is also not one of a million others just like it. Of course the Galant replaced my Jeep Wrangler I had for nine years. . .gayer even than the VW. But butcher!

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