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The Ex-Girlfriend Twitter Battle to Say Goodbye to Casey Johnson


Does anyone else feel a little creeped out by the escalating attempts of two of Casey Johnson’s former flames — Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel — to express how distraught they are over the socialite’s death by taking to Twitter to mourn?

It really started with Tila, who was tweeting on Monday: “”Everyone please pray 4 my Wifey Casey Johnson. She has passed away. Thank u for all ur love and support but I will be offline to be w family.”

And then Tuesday, Courtenay was all: “LOVE U CJ FOREVER AND EVER…C U in my dreams X CJS.”

We get it. You both loved this girl, and you’ll miss her desperately. But there is no Twitter in heaven, and your competition to fawn the most over your fallen lover is excruciating.