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The White House and Your Mother Likely Knew Get Equal Was Coming to Bother Obama

So apparently it was no big secret that Get Equal’s activists were going to demonstrate against President Obama at Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Los Angeles fundraiser. That they were going to heckle Obama mid-speech was probably a surprise, but hey, at least Robin McGehee and Kip Williams gave White House aids a heads up they were gonna have something to deal with. But hey, did they at least support Boxer’s re-election campaign by buying tickets to gain entrance? That’s noble.

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  • Dave

    GetEqual makes us look stupid. This didn’t help us in any way.

    Let’s piss all over the people that support us – that’ll show em!

    We have our own Tea Baggers, lucky us.

  • PopCultureQueer

    You use “but hey” twice within this very short paragraph and they’re almost right next to each other; it’s a good topic but you should really learn how to edit.


    @DAVE: Support us? We should be happy we aren’t working in the fields?

  • The Artist

    I find this sort of rudeness counter productive. This is NOT the age of ACT UP. Especially since the President is trying to push equality himself. This energy should be redirected to members of Congress, who are the major road blocks in repealing DADT, or other stupid legislation that needs to go away. It’s time for a New Power Generation! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Cam

    To all the people claiming that the president is our friend and is trying to “Push” equality. You seem to have forgotten that nothing was getting done, and people like Barney Frank were coming out saying that nothing was going to get done and the gay community needed to shut up etc… Then there was a specific boycott of the DNC fundraiser he was hosting, there was a march into Washington, within days the White House signed a loosening of the rules against domestic partners using a partners health insurance in govt. emply. Suddenly the White House mentions Don’t ASk Don’t Tell. Barney Frank suddenly starts saying that Hate Crimes would be introduced followed by ENDA etc… So I think it’s weird that all of that came about because people got loud, and yet, nobody seems to remember this fact.

  • Philip

    @Cam: I think you miss the point of GetEqual. The President has promised a lot but we all know he won’t actually do it unless we embarrass and humiliate him.

    This is activism 101 – you have to irritate people, even our friends. You have to make people very uncomfortable. When they are afraid of us, they will finally give in.

    You should study Martin Luther king – nobody liked him, but he made the government end racism. It’s all about demanding and complaining. Blacks did that, too. Dan Choi is just following their lead. What makes it more interesting is that Obama is Black. He may not like GetEqual’s winning strategy, but at least he knows it works.

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