A still from Netflix's 'Perfil Falso'
Image Credit: ‘Perfil Falso,’ Netflix

Netflix, you’ve done it again—casually dropping a major gay (and hot!) subplot into yet another show we didn’t suspect was gay at all!

The latest culprit is a Colombian series called Perfil Falso, a.k.a. “Fake Profile,” a soapy drama with more twists and shocking reveals than a season of Drag Race.

All 10 episodes premiered on the streamer on May 31 and—we’ll be honest—it wasn’t really on our radar at first. The trailer appropriately sets up the main thrust of the series with all the scandal and intrigue you would expect, but it all looked a little… straight.

*Caution: Mild spoilers ahead for the first few episodes of Perfil Falso.*

In Las Vegas, erotic dancer Camila (Carolina Miranda) sets up a dating profile and rather quickly hits it off with sexy plastic surgeon named Fernando (Rodolfo Salas). After a hot and steamy affair, Fernando has to jet back to Colombia for work, and eventually Camila decides to follow him for a surprise visit. But when she arrives to the doctor’s office, she finds the real Fernando—not the muscled charmer she met back in Vegas. Was she catfished???

Through a series of events that really only make sense in the heightened world of a soap opera, Camila discovers her fake Fernando is actually a man named Miguel—and that he’s already married and has a family. Feeling betrayed and determined to get her revenge, Camila decides to rent a place in Miguel’s neighborhood so she can make his life a nightmare.

Believe it or not, most of this goes down in just the first episode, and you might be asking yourself, “Okay, so where are the gays?” Well, patience is a virtue, friends, and if you stick with Perfil Falso for episode two, it’s about to pay off big time.

Thanks to Twitter user @JarrettSays—who, full disclosure, works at Netflix—for clueing us in:

We count at least three hot gay men! So, who are they? Well…

Miguel and his family live in lavish estates known as Riviera Esmerelda, and, while tailing him in the neighborhood, Camila meets the gorgeous property manager Cristóbal (Felipe Londoño)—Gay # 1!

Posing as a prospective buyer, Camila gets a tour of an available home from Cristóbal when they encounter his partner, Adrián (Mauricio Hénao) swimming in a pool—hello, Gay # 2! Adrián operates a new restaurant in the area, and happens to be the son of the super-rich owner of Riviera Esmerelda, Pedro Ferrer (Víctor Mallarino)

Adrián also happens to be the brother of Ángela Ferrer (Manuela González), Miguel’s wife! Are you still with us?

But wait! There’s more! Before the end of episode two, Adrián returns home to find a naked man in his shower (yes, you do see butt) and it’s not Cristóbal. It’s Inti (Julián Cerati), a waiter at Adrián’s restaurant.. who’s having an affair with Cristóbal? Gay # 3, you’ve just made things extra interesting.

So, yes, Perfil Falso is a big old tangled web of sex, love, lies, and betrayal. And if reading the above has you curious to see how this all plays out—you know, instead of giving you a major headache—then the series is definitely worth your time.

A still from Netflix's 'Perfil Falso'
Image Credit: ‘Perfil Falso,’ Netflix

Sure, the passionate romance and betrayal between Camila and Fernando/Miguel is the crux of the series, but there’s plenty of fun, sexy drama in store for the gays, including—*another mild spoiler alert for you*—some heavy throuple-ing and some truly shocking revelations.

Perfil Falso/Fake Profile is now streaming exclusively on Netflix. And, if the above wasn’t enough to convince you to lather up with this Spanish-language soap, please enjoy a few select photos of the actors who play our trio of gays:

Mauricio Hénao

Felipe Londoño

Julián Cerati

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