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This very intimate ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ deleted scene has fans in complete shambles

It’s been two months since Red, White & Royal Blue dropped on Amazon Prime Video, and it seems the romance still has quite the chokehold on audiences.

Yes, we all fell in love with watching “First Son” Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar-Perez) and Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) fall in love, but in this age of everything streaming everywhere all at once, we want more!

And while Amazon hasn’t green-lit a sequel yet (we’re still waiting for author Casey McQuiston to write their follow-up!), they’ve been keeping fans fed with plenty of bonus content, like a blooper reel and even some deleted scenes.

On that tip, their latest peek at cut footage is a real doozy, one that has folks all up in their feelings.

To set the scene, the fireside moment occurs when Alex and Henry steal away to the Claremont-Diaz vacation home in Austin, Texas. They’ve had a great time hanging with their friends and Alex’s dad—cooking, swimming, drunken karaoke-ing—but on a rare quiet evening, Henry gets introspective…

“Once upon a time,” he begins, telling a fairytale about a “young prince” who sounds pretty familiar. He goes on about how this prince was different from all the other royals and “felt things acutely.”

Afraid people would see who see who he really was, the prince’s family gave him a suit of armor to protect him—but “the price he paid for his safety was his freedom.”

That is, until he met a “handsome peasant boy” who helped him feel alive, and the armor fell away. “With every tug, the boy made a space between the prince’s armor and his heart, and in that space… the prince’s heart could beat freely once again.”

Cue the waterworks!

Okay, so obviously Henry’s telling a story about himself here, but it’s a beautiful one in that it shows the typically guarded prince opening up in the only way he knows how.

So why’d it get cut? Well, that remains unclear, but the final edit of Red, White & Royal Blue is nearly two hours as-is, so maybe the filmmakers thought they could save some time by excising an emotional beat they could show us instead of telling us outright.

As Amazon notes in a follow-up tweet, since the scene didn’t make it into the final cut, it’s “not finished, mixed or fully color corrected.”

But who needs special effects when you’ve got an incredible, emotive performance from Galitzine, who, in these few minutes, really proves why he’s the movie’s MVP, making Prince Henry’s journey of self-acceptance the heart of the story.

Over on Twitter X, the clip has opened a floodgate of emotions from fans. There’s a common theme connecting the overwhelming majority of reactions:

But others seem a little frustrated learning this scene could have been part of the movie.

One fan even pointed out that Henry’s fairytale actually gets referenced later in the movie when, after their relationship’s been exposed, Alex flies back to England to make his tearful plea:

Of course, Amazon could probably release every deleted scene, every storyboard, every scrapped line from the script, and yet the hardcore Red, White & Royal Blue fans would likely still be hungry for more:

But you know what that means: Guess they’re just going to have to get to work on a sequel, stat! Manifesting a Red, White & Royal 2 announcement any day now!

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