Tom Daley participated in a rapid fire Q&A session with the Daily Mail to promote his new book Tom Daley’s Plan, which offers 224-pages of diet and exercise tips to create “a healthier, happier you.” In the interview, the young Olympian talks about everything from plastic surgery to aging.

When asked if he’s ever had plastic surgery, Daley replied, “Not now, but ask me in ten years and it might be different.”

Ten years? If he’s 22 now, that means he plans to start Botox treatments at 32.

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Although, if he had it his way, he’ll never actually be 32, because when asked about aging, Mr. Daley had this to say: “I’d like to stop myself growing older at 27. By 27 you’re old enough to be taken seriously because you have some life experience and not too old to no longer have fun.”

Don’t worry, Tom. We’ll always take you seriously!

Here are some other highlights from the riveting Q&A:

On his daily workout routine:

“I do ten minutes of meditation each morning, then two-and-a-half hours’ training in the pool, morning and afternoon, then a yoga or spin class.”

On alcohol:

“I stopped drinking two years before Rio because alcohol affects your sharpness, weight and health. At the Olympic homecoming party I had a couple of sips of champagne and felt awful!”

On oral health:

“When I was 11 I had too many teeth and had some removed so I could have braces.”

On feeling sorry for himself when he has a cold:

“I rarely get ill and, unlike my fiancee Lance who makes sure I know whenever he’s sick, I never feel sorry for myself when I’m unwell.”

On depression:

“I went through a rough time after winning bronze at London 2012 then coming back to training without much time off. I felt lost and without direction. When I met Lance he was so good at what he did he inspired me to get my act together.”

On his biggest phobia:

“I used to be afraid of sick–if anyone threw up I’d panic.”

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