Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black break the law on their honeymoon, share proof to Instagram

After that wedding video, if Tom Daley and hubby Dustin Lance Black didn’t have a picture-perfect honeymoon, it would be a real letdown.

But of course they did.

It started with a trip to Spain, complete with morning yoga:

????????? • • • ?: @dlanceblack

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And after that, a quick 7,800 mile flight to Hawaii. You know how some people try claiming their “birthday month“? Tom and Dustin are taking a similar approach to their honeymoon.

Tom shared an admittedly adorable shot while on a hike on Oahu, but a closer look reveals the newlyweds are actually somewhere they are legally not supposed to be.

Here’s the shot:

? ? P A R A D I S E ? ?

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It may indeed be “paradise,” but the Haiku Stairs (aka the “Stairway to Heaven”) the photo was taken from are actually very much illegal to ascend.


HuffPo sheds some light on the matter:

Amidst the lush Koolau mountain range, the 3,922 steps lead up to the stunning Puu Keahiakahoe summit. The stairway was originally wooden and was installed during World War II so the military could access a radio station antennae 2,000 feet up the mountain. In the 1950s, the stairs were replaced with steel steps that led to a newly established Coast Guard navigation station.

The navigation station has been closed since the 1980s and the hike is also off-limits now.

Hikers show up daily before the sun rises in hopes of arriving to the entrance before the security guard, but getting caught can come with a steep fine.

However, the climb up is even steeper, and it’s no wonder why so many people want to take this adrenaline-fueled illegal adventure:

There is never only one way ?? @nakedhawaii

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Haiku Stairs aka Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii Shot by ?: @ricahyokoi

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We fully support these honeymoon outlaws!

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  • pattygale

    We won’t tell if you don’t. They are adorable and can probably afford the fine if they get caught.

    • silveroracle

      Must admit that the pics are breathtaking.

  • Reasonable

    Still waiting for the “honeymoon” night video :)

    • Mkiel

      Me too.

    • phallictomato

      Lol, same. Bet they have the hottest, steamiest sex. Those boys are FINE.

  • Ken A.

    Lovely view, not for me. I hate heights.

  • barkomatic

    Beautiful view but I’d be terrified of those rusted stairs.

  • Dorset Lad

    It is an incredible view but I’m left wondering who the third wheel on their honeymoon is. My partner would be none too happy if I took a friend on our honeymoon to take pictures and who knows what else

    • Record Man

      Perhaps they asked a passing fellow tourist to snap a picture or two for the happy couple?

    • seaguy

      Probably a GoPro with a tripod, and others are from a smartphone using a selfie stick.

  • GayEGO

    Naughty Naughty! But by all means be careful, those stairs look pretty rusty!

  • warmsun

    I don’t know why you felt the need to be “controversial” with the mention of them doing something that is supposedly illegal in the headline. I must be one of the few people that actually clicked the Huffpost link you so thoughtfully provided. Bottom line, if you read further down the article you fill find:

    “The navigation station has been closed since the 1980s and the hike is also off-limits now; a security guard sits at its entrance for most of the day and the Honolulu Board of Water Supply — which has jurisdiction over the hike — requires that anyone who goes up it sign waivers and present a $1 million liability insurance policy.”

    How illegal can it be if you have to sign a waiver and get an insurance policy to go up there?

    • scotshot

      From the standpoint of not signing up or purchasing the $1 mil insurance.

  • Herman75

    Did you have to spread this crime info about our boys?

    Jeezuz Chr!st. A lot of people make that “illegal” climb. And now you’ve inspired others to do the same.

    The Internet should try to be less of an thoughtless wasteland.

    • phallictomato

      Yeah I hope Tom and Lance don’t get done for this – as I’m sure MANY people would have trespassed by doing the climb/walk anyway. If anything, whoever owns the land should stop paying (I assume he’s paid very well) the guard, and just put up a sign saying something like ‘this area is off limits, but if you do decide to go beyond this point, you will not be covered by insurance should you be injured in any way, shape or form. Enter at your own risk’.

  • scotshot

    Two fame whores monetize theirr “honeymoon” into a sponsored photo op. Nice work if you can get it.

  • salumbre

    Tom Daley should be commended for being an Olympic athlete, and also an out and proud athlete, Olympic or not. (Not necessarily in that order.)

    Unfortunately, that’s the only commendable thing about him. He has become the next Davey Wavey.

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