Tyde Levi in a series of TikToks. On the left, he models his brother Troye Sivans red sweater. In the middle image, he stands shirtless in Troye's room. On the right, he talks into the camera sitting in his car.

There’s a lot of perks to being Troye Sivan‘s brother: good genes, close access to Ariana Grande, and most importantly, a killer wardrobe.

Tyde Levi –– the “Rush” singer’s younger sibling –– revealed as much in a recent TikTok where he rummaged through his closet for a GRWM video.

“Troye, I love you but the best part of you going away is I get your wardrobe,” he explained.

The 24-year-old gave us a peek into the kind of clothes his older bro keeps back at home, including, as he showed off, “[the] staple Troye Sivan sweater and I feel like I shouldn’t wear it.” (Tyde did, in fact, wear it. LOL.)

He also delved into how the two siblings’ typical styles differ: “Troye kind of wears baggier stuff, I like to wear little slim, tight numbers,” he explained. We’re just surprised he didn’t borrow a harness.

Although Sivan hasn’t spoken much about his siblings in the reason years, the resemblance is uncanny, down to the Aussie accents and mullet-like hairdo.

The clip went viral instantaneously, prompting a swarm of social-media gays to ask another important question: is he, you know? 💅

And we hate to disappoint y’all, but it seems like one gene does not run in the family….

In a followup TikTok, Tyde called himself a “proud ally,” before clarifying his sexuality by recreating a hilarious Charli XCX video where she revealed she is “not bi” despite giving fans “bi vibes.”

@tyde_levi iykyk #brat ♬ original sound – Tyde Levi

Nevertheless, you’ve got to be pretty down with the gays if your sibling is the prince of “bops about bottoming.”

That being said, Tyde –– who just released his own single “An Island – A Thousand Ways to Say Nothing At All” –– admitted that being Troye’s brother comes with some challenges. Especially after a viral moment like this one.

“The hardest thing about being a sibling of someone who’s famous… people either want me to be him, or as soon as I do involve him, they call me a ‘nepo baby,'” he explained.

“I know there’s a bunch of you that live in that sweet spot of, like, finding out about me through being Troye’s brother. But I hope you stick around because maybe you like my music and maybe you like hanging out with me.”

We don’t know how we’re JUST now finding out about Troye’s bro, but needless to say, we’re in awe of just how talented (and attractive) this family is.

Listen to Troye Sivan’s brother Tyde Levi’s new song below.

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