TV Couples Therapy: Analyzing Primetime’s Prime Pairings

“Partners“- Louis & Wyatt

Where we last left off: Louis and his straight BFF Charlie are the main couple in this show, and their significant others just have to play along. If Monday’s pilot is any indication, the main area of contention between Louis and his big, hot, dull boyfriend Wyatt is that Louis tells everyone Wyatt’s a Jewish doctor when in reality he’s a “Mennonite nurse.” Will Louis and the show get over his clichéd obsession? Will Wyatt feel comfortable always being second in Louis’ life? Will this show last a whole season?

Diagnosis: Wyatt seems content playing along since, as he told an angry Charlie, “nobody loves like Louis.” Aww. Though the show is mired in Will & Grace-esque shtick – all the way down to the sassy, busty assistant – that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Megan Mullally was pretty much the second coming of Christ for sitcoms.  The lack of depth in Louis and Wyatt’s relationship may prove suitable for them, but perhaps not so much for viewers. Only time will tell.