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Uh-oh! Laura Ingraham’s lies are finally catching up to her

Fox News is currently being sued for peddling coronavirus misinformation. Still, that hasn’t stopped one of the network’s most popular hate mongers, Laura Ingraham, from continuing to spread lies about the virus on her show night after night after night.

But hopefully, thanks to a damning new report from the nonprofit media watchdog group, Media Matters, that may soon be changing.

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The report, which tallied up every statement made about coronavirus on the conservative news network, finds that the worst offender when it comes to spreading false information is Ingraham, whose lies outpace every other Fox News personality by roughly 25%.

“Fox’s The Ingraham Angle was responsible for a quarter of all coronavirus misinformation on the network,” the watchdog group says.

Media Matters reports:

Fox host Laura Ingraham and her prime-time show The Ingraham Angle traded in coronavirus misinformation far more often than other Fox personalities and shows during the week of July 6.

Ingraham herself pushed coronavirus misinformation 38 times, which included 21 instances of undermining and misrepresenting the science on the coronavirus and 13 instances of politicizing the response to the pandemic.

Fox personalities and guests on The Ingraham Angle were responsible for an astonishing 63 instances of misinformation.

In April, Fox News was slapped with a 10-page lawsuit filed by the Washington League for Increased Transparency and Ethics accusing it of launching a “campaign of deception and omission regarding the danger of the international proliferation of the novel coronavirus.”

As a result, several prominent Fox News personalities were let go, including prime time darling/coronavirus denier Trish Regan and frequent guests/COVID-19 conspiracy theorists Diamond & Silk.

Perhaps Ingraham will soon join them? It seems doubtful. But one can hope, right?

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