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UPDATE: Gay adult film star charged with murdering his boyfriend

Last month we reported on a troubling scene out of San Francisco — a man’s body was found stabbed in a Hayes Valley apartment, and the boyfriend of the victim was nowhere to be found.

The victim was 48-year-old Keith Harris, and police immediately turned to his missing boyfriend, Othman Al-Muttalaby (a.k.a. Ali Liam), as their prime suspect. Both men were performers in the gay adult film industry.

Police finally arrested Liam on November 7th and charged him with first-degree murder.

However, since the initial charge was filed, some more events have transpired in the case.

According to the NSFW blog Str8UpGayPorn, Ali was transferred out of the hospital he was in for an involuntary 51/50 psychiatric hold, and into San Francisco county jail.

In addition to the murder charge, prosecutors have tacked on a domestic violence charge, since the victim was his former boyfriend.

Ali performed in four scenes in 2016 for, Pride Studios, and Paragon Men. He also worked as an escort and go-go dancer.

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  • ChrisK

    I have a rule. You get violent once with me and were done. I’m sure this wasn’t a one time event.

    • Gargramel

      After having lived through domestic violence once…I now have the same rule!! I will never allow myself to be a victim again!!

    • Bromancer7

      You don’t even get one chance with me. There’s a reason I keep a cast iron frying pan on the stove top. A tip from my grandmother.

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      @ Bromancer7

      That is some wise advice – I’ve never been a victim of domestic assault, I don’t understand how can one person lay a finger on someone they claim to love.

    • SiamSam

      Important for gay men to train at the gym for strength, not just size. And learn some MMA moves to halt an assault long enough to get away.

    • Notright

      Good rule

  • happiness17

    This is even more proof that gays are also victims of domestic violence. Liam will be getting all of his “needs” taken care of for the rest of his life. Unless he’s executed.

  • o.codone

    @ Hussain-TheCanadian. Face it bro. NOTHING ever happens up there worth talking about, NOTHING. Kanada is a boring sh*ithole. Yawn.

    • DCguy

      Funny how the right wing keeps attacing two countries. Canada and Sweden. See, they have to rewrite facts because Canada is proof that a country can run a health system and not go bankrupt AND that it is incredibly popular with all facets of Canadians. And Sweden is an economic powerhouse in spite of not stealing money from it’s middle class and handing it all over to a group of super rich. So the GOP will continually lie about both countries.

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      Well O.codone – It seems to me you are endorsing Canada for it’s safety; and I agree with you that our people rarely kill each other.

      You should give us a visit, you might like it and stay.

  • cjh007

    I wonder what set off the incident. In that industry with its related lifestyle the dynamic was probably not conducive to a healthy relationship from the very beginning. Often adult entertainers and other sex workers see each other because they’re the only ones that will romantically and literally for survival reasons in what can be a very dangerous industry. Was it the jealousy and competitive nature of escorting/adult entertainment? Was it an open or closed relationship? I guess we’ll hear one side of the specifics in court…

  • Bob LaBlah

    I’m not really into white guys but I must say for a man in his late forties that boyfriend was HOT! Both of them were barebacking porn stars and since its an apartment we are talking about here I can only conclude the argument had a lot to do with money and partying. These guys are paid anywhere from $1k to about $1.5k per scene and at best they get three to four scenes per month, depending on their popularity. That sounds like a lot but overall, it aint spit in a bucket and the rent comes due every 1st of the month. The more “popular” they get the less the get offered because the sales start going down and the desperation goes up as does the drug use.

    If in doubt just reference Matthew Rush and the depth to where he has fallen and his mug shot. In that business your ass will go no further than people can stand looking at it. I would love to see the guys mug shot. I bet he looked like Matthew’s twin, so to speak.

    • ChrisK

      Agreed but I’d take the older one hands down. I find him way more attractive.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    No one is commenting on how the murderer is MUCH more muscular than the victim (and half a head taller), and yet he still STABBED the victim to death. It wasn’t enough for him to just beat up the poor guy; he stabbed him to death. Isn’t that the take-away here?

    • Heywood Jablowme

      I should also say – before someone jumps to conclusions – that I’m mystified by the religion comments here.

      These were two openly gay guys, who lived in San Francisco, and they’d been working in the porn industry for many years. Seriously, we’re supposed to believe that either of them ever gave religion a moment’s thought? Some of you must have had very WEIRD religious upbringings in order to believe that!

    • Donston

      Well,this was obviously a murder driven by anger, “passion” and being loony. A simple beat-down would not suffice in that situation.

    • Donston

      If you end up being gay or gay-leaning but was brought up to believe that being gay was morally wrong, made you less of a man or a human, would send you to hell and you’re eventually ostracized by a decent amount of your family then even if you reject that dogma when you’re an adult it can still lead to self-resentment, internalized homophobia, internal conflict, self-destructive instincts, anger issues, a fragile ego, hetero worshiping, etc. However, the religious and country based dispute doing on here is just political nonsense.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Heywood, I see your angle of reasoning but don’t be so sure the older guy (the littler one of the two) didn’t put up a good fight that made the bigger one realize that that particular beat down might have been the straw that broke the camels back. I can picture a scenario where the guy fought back like a caged animal and Muscle Mary knew she was getting her ass kicked and acted accordingly as a low-life bully would have. Grab a gun or a knife. In my lifetime I have seen numerous Muscle Mary’s who looked intimidating with their muscle and looks but couldn’t fight/scratch their way out of a soaking wet brown paper bag. There is a porn star whom I won’t name that made the mistake of posting a few of his instagram vids only to show that regardless of his action figure body he can’t throw a football.

  • teyshan

    Judging from the look of Ali, I’m going to say ‘roid rage was a factor. Guy clearly juices and probably got a little too worked up about something and snapped.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Okay, that explanation makes sense.

    • Kangol

      Great point. Also, nice avatar!

    • Bob LaBlah

      Teyshan, that will be the excuse that he gives but to that defense I say this: for every girl/guy out there who goes thru roid rage there are THOUSANDS more that use steroids but don’t have the slightest inclination to hurt anyone. Its all in the personality of the user regardless of what studies say.

      Not to go too far off topic but does anyone remember the name of the former drag performer who is now a bodybuilder? That article was on Queerty not too long ago but some how it seems to have vanished. The guy is a latino and used to do drag but now competes in bodybuilding shows. Please, some one help me out here because I know it was here on Queerty where I heard of him.

  • Paco

    I’m curious what the motive was. Cheating? One-sided open relationship? What could have enraged him so much to murder his boyfriend?

    • Paco

      Wow! I just read that the murderer is only 26! He looks like he is in his 40s.

  • Notright

    That dude is ugly af! Why would anyone pay for his sex??

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