WATCH: Brazilian TV Airs First Gay Kiss On Popular Soap “Amor à Vida”


Seven years after American soap As The World Turns featured television’s first open mouth kiss between two gay men (17 years after the first televised lesbian kiss), Brazil has followed suit.

The country’s first televised kiss between two gay men happened last night on Amor à Vida, produced by Rede Globo, the second-largest broadcast network worldwide behind ABC.

The network was prompted to air the historic kiss after a social media campaign demanded the show’s gay couple, Felix (Matthew Solano) and Niko (Thiago Fragoso), show more affection than their previous embraces and cheek-to-cheek kisses.


According to Noticiasbr, #BeijaFélixeNiko has been a major trending topic on Twitter for months. The site describes a long and torrid relationship between the characters and concludes their “passionate peck” was long-awaited. The kiss happens during the final moments of the finale episode, after which Felix and Niko “go on to live together and raise a family“:

The two appear together in a brief farewell scene, when Niko goes to work. They initially give only a kiss on the cheek and a hug, as already shown in other scenes of the couple.However, making the moment as a declaration of love, the importance of reporting that Niko had in his life, Felix holds his arm at the time of the match and both show a very passionate peck.

Great work, Rede Globo! Please don’t make us wait long for a Brazilian Looking.

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  • Canadianskeezix

    “Seven years after American soap As The World Turns featured television’s first kiss between two gay men”

    That’s not true at all. The first gay kiss on television worldwide was on As The World Turns in 2007? Nope. Not even true of television in the United States. Dawson’s Creek had the first visible gay kiss on primetime network television in 2001 (after several instances over the previous years of implied gay kisses on shows like Melrose Place). Cable shows like Queer As Folk (both UK and North American versions) featured gay kissing well before that.

    Perhaps the article is referring to American television soaps, although given how hard it is define what constitutes a soap, one would have to clarify network afternoon soap opera.

  • Derek Williams

    “This video has been removed by the user.”

  • jimbryant

    Male-male kisses are very rare on television. The powers-that-be have been censoring or ignoring them for years, especially in countries like Australia.

    At the level of porn, male-male activity is completely absent in most movies that contain both men and women. Female-female activity is allowed but male-male isn’t.

    This double standard is enforced by sleazy straight guys and their female enablers. For “female enablers”, you can also read “prostitutes”.

  • Marcio

    This kiss made history in Brazil! Here, in my building – as in many others, as reported to me – people in the houses shouted, applauding the kiss. It aired in the show with the largest audience in Brazilian TV.

    The gay couple became the main characters in recent months in this soap opera and everyone wanted for the happy ending and gay kiss. The Brazilian gay community is ecstatic!

  • Fourltrfred

    @Marcio: Cool!

  • Raphael

    @Fourltrfred: He overreacted a little, it was not all this. What we can say is, yes, it was a realy big step and most of the public has approved, but of course there’s always a portion, that despite being smaller, disapproves. And despite the huge audience (around 2.860.000 viewers), it was not the largest audience, either on tv or in the end of a soup.

  • David6

    The first man on man kiss in the UK (I think) took place in 2003 on prime time Saturday evening TV in the show HOLBY CITY between two gorgeous actors David Paisley and Lee Warburton. The kiss was a lingering open mouthed snog and it managed to get over 300 complaints from the viewing public resulting in an investigation by the BBC.

    Several years earlier the very sexy Mr Paisley had broken barriers by playing the part of a gay schoolboy who snogged his much older gay boyfriend on daytime soap ‘Tinsel Town’.

    America came into the man on man kissing MUCH later than the UK

  • DuMaurier

    For some reason I’d have thought Brazil would be ahead of us, I’m not sure why. And someone mentioned “Melrose Place”–I remember the ‘romance’ between the token gay regular and the guy in the military; brief, awkward manly hugs is about as hot (or as real) as THAT got. When TV started getting ‘inclusive’ and ‘positive’ about gay characters the only thing good about it was the intent behind it. It seemed like gay characters were only there to make a brief, solemn point about ‘tolerance’, and then you could almost feel the relief when the show could get back to the real plot.

  • ait10101

    Brazil is pretty advanced legally and socially with respect to gay relationship. Nonetheless, though I spend a lot of time working there and I am reluctant to be entirely open, as people you might expect to be liberal on the issue sometimes are not. And then there are the increasingly strong evangelical churches, Catholic inertia, and gangs of you macho tuffs. Like most Latin American countries (Brazilians don’t like to be grouped with them), there have been big advances, but there is a still a long way to go. This show can only be good in that respect.

  • Ditamo

    I was watching this when I was back home in December, and since back in my parents country they watch Brazilian soap operas a lot, I’ve seen many of them, and I would say this is the first one that actually had a gay character that wasn’t just some small character that is sometimes mentioned.

    The guy without the beard is one of the main characters in the series, but he kinda is a antagonist (but has a change of heart later on, I think, wasn’t able to finish watching it…), but yet he is a fun character, and they do develop his story with great detail.

    As for the guy with the beard he has actually portrayed a gay character in another soap opera a few years ago, I was in middle school when I saw it, so prob some 9-10 years ago.

    But ya, gay characters in Brazilian soap operas are more and more frequent.

  • alanj

    What makes you come up with such crap? Australian TV doesn’t censor male on male kissing in fact the first gay characters kissing were on Number 96 in 1972. I know of current programmes that have male on male kissing including: Home & Away ( 6.30 x 5 nights), Holly Oaks ( midday x 5 days), Looking ( Monday 8pm), Eastenders ( 7pm x 5 nights), Shameless ( both UK & US vers) plus movies Weekend, Frozen Flower, The Sex of Angels and Sex, Drugs & Parties (all on tv in the last week).

  • Stefano

    @alanj : really ? All these TV shows have male on male kissing ?

  • Stefano

    In Quebec, we have many TV shows with gays and male on male kiss. It would be interesting if Queerty made a review of gay caracters in TV shows, not only in US but all over the world.

  • alanj

    yep they all have strong male on male relationships which are usually revealed with some lip-locking.
    There are, and have been, plenty more tv shows with gay themes the ones I listed are just the current ones I know about. They’re also broadcast nationally and into regional areas, so maximum reach.

  • vanessacrepeau

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