WATCH: Brazilian TV Airs First Gay Kiss On Popular Soap “Amor à Vida”


Seven years after American soap As The World Turns featured television’s first open mouth kiss between two gay men (17 years after the first televised lesbian kiss), Brazil has followed suit.

The country’s first televised kiss between two gay men happened last night on Amor à Vida, produced by Rede Globo, the second-largest broadcast network worldwide behind ABC.

The network was prompted to air the historic kiss after a social media campaign demanded the show’s gay couple, Felix (Matthew Solano) and Niko (Thiago Fragoso), show more affection than their previous embraces and cheek-to-cheek kisses.


According to Noticiasbr, #BeijaFélixeNiko has been a major trending topic on Twitter for months. The site describes a long and torrid relationship between the characters and concludes their “passionate peck” was long-awaited. The kiss happens during the final moments of the finale episode, after which Felix and Niko “go on to live together and raise a family“:

The two appear together in a brief farewell scene, when Niko goes to work. They initially give only a kiss on the cheek and a hug, as already shown in other scenes of the couple.However, making the moment as a declaration of love, the importance of reporting that Niko had in his life, Felix holds his arm at the time of the match and both show a very passionate peck.

Great work, Rede Globo! Please don’t make us wait long for a Brazilian Looking.