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WATCH: Can You Name the Six Queers of Color on Network TV Right Now?

Yesterday, we gave you a preview of some of the awesome new gay TV characters we’ll all be gushing about this fall. But one commenter made a very good point: “wow, hollywood is getting whiter every season.”

It’s true! All of the new characters we saw were white.

How many queer people of color can you name on television right now? We’ll give you a minute. Think hard.

We put that question to GLAAD, and they came back with an answer: six, if you only count broadcast TV. GLAAD keeps track of that sort of thing, and pointed out that there are quite a few more on cable. But on the major networks, you barely need two hands to count ’em all.

Who are they? Can you name all six? Well, let us walk you through the list, with videos of each. Here’s a hint: none of them are African American.

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  • McTallGay

    We’re only counting network, right? Because True Blood has Lafayette…not that seven queer characters of color makes a lick of difference.

  • JR

    If you’re going to go to True Blood, make it 8: LaFayette’s boyfriend Jesus.

    And there are more on cable, I’m sure.

  • Ray

    There were two on Spartacus Season 1, Barca and Pietros. Both are dead now of course. The made up for it by lezing up the prequel. Also RuPaul if drag reality counts. She’s on every show on Logo.

  • Jere

    I see we’re ignoring Darren Criss’s Filipino heritage.


    George Haung or whatever ISN’T GAY…I LOVE SVU and they have never mentioned his character being gay…now if the actor is that is a completely different story…but most of the examples are poor excuses anyway



    now if the actor is *gay* that is a completely different story…

  • JR

    @PATHETIC: Actually, I remembered clearly that he did talk about his sexuality once, though only in passing. I can’t remember the episode, but according to Wikipedia: “In the 2009 episode ‘Hardwired’ (#229) he mentions that he is gay after becoming involved in a case in which a pedophile rights group compares the public’s hatred of them to homophobia.”

    I know Wiki is sometimes wrong, but I saw the episode. Just looked it up to get the episode.

  • Eric


    “Greek” is the show (Which was on ABC Family before it was cancelled), Calvin is black.

  • JR

    @Eric: In case anyone is wondering, yes, I feel appropriately stupid.

  • MCM

    Justin on Ugly Betty…. however that show ended last year…

  • greg

    what about jonathan from 30 rock?

  • eyesiq

    The chick from Pretty Little Liars?

    Kash from Shameless?

  • reason_sf

    @Jere: Criss may be hapa, but they haven’t indicated whether his character is as well.

  • Wendy

    Andre Leon Tally and Miss Jay are on top model…and that woman who just won the amazing race is a lesbian.

  • Wendy

    and wait a minute…didn’t that Don Lemon (or something) just come out. And then there’s Robin Roberts from one of those early shows

  • Jeffree

    @Wendy: True, but I think the article is about LGB characters on (network) dramas & comedies, as opposed to reality TV or news. I could be wrong.

    Robin Roberts isn’t “out” publicly as far as I know. Someday soon, maybe she’ll change that.



    That’s an episode I need to see !!!!

  • dvlaries

    I remember it. It was so low key it was throwaway: But Huang states, “as a gay man, it offends me.” And that was all that was made of it. He was talking in a group of at least four, maybe six, and it didn’t even raise an eyebrown which, in a real way, is progress.

    Maybe to some he’s a nerd, but in character George Huang is a calm center of intellect in situations where it often does much good. Both the character and the actor are an assest to the show.

  • tazz602

    How could you not know about Dr. George Huang who is played by out actor B.D. Wong who has a partner and a child via a surrogate (who has written a book about their experiences)

  • MR

    @tazz602: You’re confusing the actor with the characte. We all know BD Wong is out and proud. The OP was stating that he hadn’t seen confirmation that the character was gay.

  • drums

    CBS continues to fail to impress. Even when they eventually give in to the pressure to have ONE homosexual character out of their whole roster of endless heteronormative shows, they try to spin it as “friendship”? WHAT?

  • Delicate Shades of Pink and Blue

    @JR: Its all good JR.. (Greek) refering to Fraternities not ethnicities for anyone else who may have been confused as well. JR.. I am a (Greek=Fraternity) I’m also a person of color so the storyline on the show hit home for me.


  • Steven

    Kurt from Glee
    Max from Happy Endings
    Cam and Mitch from Modern Family

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