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WATCH: Can You Name the Six Queers of Color on Network TV Right Now?

Yesterday, we gave you a preview of some of the awesome new gay TV characters we’ll all be gushing about this fall. But one commenter made a very good point: “wow, hollywood is getting whiter every season.”

It’s true! All of the new characters we saw were white.

How many queer people of color can you name on television right now? We’ll give you a minute. Think hard.

We put that question to GLAAD, and they came back with an answer: six, if you only count broadcast TV. GLAAD keeps track of that sort of thing, and pointed out that there are quite a few more on cable. But on the major networks, you barely need two hands to count ’em all.

Who are they? Can you name all six? Well, let us walk you through the list, with videos of each. Here’s a hint: none of them are African American.