Mommy dearest

WATCH: Claudia Conway films Kellyanne’s alleged child abuse for all to see

Claudia Conway, TikTok enthusiast and daughter of Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway & former Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway has taken to the internet with new allegations against her mother. In a series of videos and tweets, Claudia Conway accuses Kellyanne of physical and verbal abuse.

“this isn’t even bad but i’m not tryna put her in jail,” [sic] Conway says of the video. The footage depicts an argument between the pair, with Kellyanne Conway verbally berating her daughter. At various points, Kellyanne calls her 16-year-old daughter a “ungrateful bitch” and tells her “You’re never gonna record another f*cking thing in your life. It’s going for a forensic analysis.”

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At another point in the footage, Kellyanne can be heard verbally mocking Claudia’s questions and referring to her as “f*cking immature” and “an *sshole.” She also appears to strike Claudia more than once. The video also culminates with Kellyanne screaming that she wants Claudia out of the house.

At the time of this writing, neither Kellyanne nor George Conway has publicly commented on the video.

Claudia Conway rose to fame due in large part to her criticism of Donald Trump, as well as her mother. In August 2020, she announced that she would seek legal emancipation from Kellyanne Conway. In October of that same year, she leaked via social media that her mother had tested positive for COVID-19 following a “super spreader” event in the White House Rose Garden. In January 2021, Claudia Conway also claimed that George Conway had left Kellyanne. The couple have yet to confirm as much to the media.