Deleted scene

Watch Colton Haynes try to get fresh with Nick Robinson

E! News just shared an exclusive deleted scene from Love, Simon.

In the scene, Simon sneaks into his first gay bar with his straight wingman Nick. Ironically, Nick seems more comfortable at the bar than Simon.

“I think that guy is checking me out,” he says.

Simon rolls his eyes and responds, “Ha! Yeah. You’ve said that about literally every guy since we got here.”

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“Well, what can I say?” Nick asks. “The gays love me!”

Moments later, a cute college co-ed named Kevin (played by Haynes) approaches. He asks Simon if he’d like to dance. Simon awkwardly says no—but Nick insists he not pass up the opportunity.

Even though his scene ended up on the cutting room floor, Haynes is still proud of the film, tweeting back in March:

Love, Simon is available on Digital today. The DVD/Blu-ray will be released June 12.


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