WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene is put in her place by phone-in caller

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo: Twitter)

If Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was expecting an easy ride when she agreed to take calls during an appearance on local public access station UCTV yesterday, she was mistaken.

A couple of members of the public took her to task on the Night Time talk show, with one blasting her as an “embarrassment” to the state of Georgia. Perhaps mindful that berating voters live on air is not a good look, Greene had to awkwardly sit there, smile, and try to look unfazed.

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“I just want to say thank God for Joe Biden,” said one caller. “She [Greene] is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia.”

Unsure how to react, Greene tilted her head and pursed her lips.

“Well, we all have our opinions,” said the show’s host, trying to lighten the mood.

“Amen to that, and I’ve got mine,” the viewer responded before the call was ended.

Greene also had listen to a caller admonishing her for not accepting Joe Biden’s victory.

“We accepted Trump for four years, you all refuse to accept Biden. You refused to do it. And … maybe we didn’t like Trump, but he won. And so that was it,” said the woman.

“You, you are all not, you will not accept the fact that Joe Biden won, and that is the whole thing. You are not going to accept it. You’re going to go keep on and keep on and just peck, peck, peck, and you won’t get anything done if you don’t respect the man and realize that he’s the president. You’re not ever gonna get anything done. You’ve got to work together. And you are not doing it.

“And neither are the other Republicans. They’re just going with Trump. No, he didn’t win. And wasted all the money in Georgia, has to count the vote three times. Because he said he won and he didn’t.”

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Greene offered no response to the caller, instead answering a question from the show’s hosts about the date of the open primary for Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

Greene is facing off against three Republican rivals in her bid to be re-elected this year: Mark Daniel Clay, Charles Lutin and Jennifer Strahan.

Strahan, a 35-year-old healthcare executive (or “Mother. Wife. Follower of Christ,” according to her Twitter bio), is thought to be Greene’s only serious rival. She polled around 30% against Greene’s 60% in one recent poll of local Republican voters.