WATCH: Matthew Mitcham Playing “Single Ladies” On The Ukulele

We don’t want to be accused of favoritism: Yesterday we posted some adorable YouTube clips of UK Olympic diver Tom Daley. So today, we’re bringing you a clip of out Aussie Olympian Matthew Mitcham doing a cover of BeyoncĂ©’s “Single Ladies” on the ukulele (and wearing entirely too many clothes for our taste).

American divers, we need you to up your game: Where are the terminally cute videos from Team USA?


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  • Danny

    About 3 years too late for the “Single Ladies” craze, I’m afraid.

  • Analog

    @Danny: Which makes him cooler, obvs. Who wants to see anyone jump on a “craze”?
    He looks gorgeous as always, but I hope this doesn’t mean he’s split up with his boyfriend???

  • Victor

    @Analog: If he was “cool”, he would have covered a totally different song and been more original.

  • Analog

    @Victor: Well, to be fair, we’re posting comments on a barely known gay news/gossip site and he’s competing at the Olympics, has a gold medal and his “unoriginal” video is probably getting far more attention than us three will ever receive combined, so I’d say the safe money is on him being the “cool” one here.
    And certainly more original and cooler than anyone who gives a damn about being either. :)

  • Triple S

    Ugh, just take in the fact the Matt can actually sing! A BeyoncĂ© song! It’s a hard thing to do and he can do it!
    Another thing to add to his hotness.

  • Andrew

    Matthew is too adorable for words (but wish it had been Kylie’s Get Outta My Way).

  • Triple S

    @Andrew: Hey, that’s a pretty good idea. I think he can do it, I’m imagining his voice doing it, and while it wouldn’t be Kylie, I think it’d be bloody good! :)D

  • kurt_t

    I’m so uncool I thought that was a Liza Minnelli song.

  • randalaw

    Kinda redefines “adorable” for me. He actually has a nice voice. It would be fun to hear him sing something a bit more musically and vocally challenging. Sounds like he might have a “Plan B” lined up.

  • Mark J.

    ADORABLE! Seriously so cute and seems to have a genuine quality. Good for him for wanting to put this out there. Oldsong or new song, it’s one he likes, and we’re still free to share what we want online.

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