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WATCH: Stanley Tucci & Colin Firth give off hot dad vibes in ‘Supernova’

Anyone thirsting for some serious daddy action, look no further: the trailer for the romantic drama Supernova has arrived.

Supernova features Oscar-winner Colin Firth and Oscar-nominee Stanley Tucci as a longtime gay couple, Sam and Tusker, dealing the perils of aging. For Tucci’s Tusker, that means facing developing dementia, and the loss of his faculties. The two men opt to take a cross-country RV trip together to celebrate their last moments of youth together before the inevitable begins.

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Supernova has already generated awards buzz for Firth & Tucci, two longtime, real-life friends. The film has its premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival on September 24. A full release slate is pending due to COVID-19, though we have a feeling it will land on streaming and on-demand services before the end of the year…and just in time to begin an Oscar campaign.

Have a look. Get the Kleenex.