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WATCH: The stars of ‘The Politician’ open up about ambition, and their new series

Ben Platt in ‘The Politican’

Executive Producer Ryan Murphy has something to say about politics. The TV mogul’s latest series, The Politician, treats political ambition with wicked humor. Set in a Southern California high school, the new show centers on Peyton Hobart (Ben Platt, of Dear Evan Hansen) who has one ambition in life: to become President of the United States. Of course, he needs to become class president first. To win, he enlists the help of campaign manager James (Theo Germane), cancer patient Infinity (Zoey Deutch) and his beautiful girlfriend Alice (Julia Schlaepfer)–who just happens to ignore the fact that Peyton is gay. Thus begins a relentless send-up of the American political system–and a few notable figures in it (use your imagination).

We caught up with stars Platt, Deutch, Germaine and Schlaepfer at The Politician junket last week.

The new series is currently streaming on Netflix.