We’re Not Sure How We Feel About Taco Bell’s New Pro-Gay Commercial

The well-intentioned folks at Taco Bell seem to be making an attempt at courting the gays with a new pro-gay advertisement.

The commercial, which leaked online earlier this month and which is perhaps the most heteronormative pro-gay commercial in the history of pro-gay commercials, features to douchey straight guys allegedly gay men breakfasting at Taco Bell and daydreaming about all the activities they’d like to do together, including cuddling under an oak tree in a park, hunting for buried treasure, and getting married.

We’re not sure how we feel about the whole thing, so instead we’ll just say: Thanks for the support, Taco Bell… We appreciate it… We guess… But we’re still not interested in eating your steak and egg A.M. “crunch wrap” with a hash brown inside. We’re gay, after all. Our standards are a little higher than that.

Check out the commercial below. And sound off in the comments section below: How do you feel about Taco Bell’s attempt at marketing to the gays?

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