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What Sort of Punishment Will Gen. Stanley McChrystal Enjoy For Slamming Obama?

The four-star Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who’s leading the troops in Afghanistan, is heading to Washington to explain to President Obama why he all up and dissed him in a Rolling Stone story. Sec. Gates and Adm. Mullen aren’t thrilled about the piece either, since McChrystal is quoted slamming Obama, Biden, and a bunch of senior officials, which is sort of a no-no?

Among the pullquotes McChrystal already regrets is one his aide delivered about Obama having dinner with “some French minister. It’s fucking gay.” And then there’s the one describing Obama as “uncomfortable and intimidated” when meeting with military officials his first week in office.

It’s one thing to disagree with your commander-in-chief in private. But in the pages of a national magazine? And, anecdotally speaking, how much trust should we have in a general who doesn’t know one iota about staying out of trouble?

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  • Donald

    Punishment? I believe it is called forced retirement.

  • Hilarious

    Wow I don’t even know what to say about anyone dumb enough to make comments like that about the president in a magazine.

    And to call something “fucking gay”…how old is he 12?

  • Jason

    He will “retire” and then take his place at a DC thinktank doing some sort of national security work and then he will sit on some boards of some defense contractors and then collect LOTS of money.

    This is nothing.

    Pish posh, silly gays.

  • Republican

    No one who has kissed enough ass to make it up the ranks like McChrystal has is dumb enough to do this with the belief that it will not be all over the press. He did this for a reason. Future political aspirations, perhaps?

  • hephaestion

    FIRE HIM. If Obama doesn’t fire McChrystal immediately, I’ve had it with him.

  • Jaroslaw

    I agree with #4 & #5.

    It is hard to see him being stupid enough to say such things but since he did, forget forced retirement. In almost any other venue where this would occur, one gets fired and DOES NOT get a pension check.

  • tjr101

    Demote him so he eventually works under the first openly gay general, that’s a fitting punishment.

  • Brutus

    Fire him because he said something bad about the President?

    Yeah, that’s American.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    This is another one of those situations where we have to decide what’s more important… is he doing the job he was appointed to do, and if so, does that mean he loses all free speech rights?

    Read the article from Rolling Stone, I’m more concerned for the ground troops than what he may have said about Obama, Biden and Gates.

  • Jason

    @Brutus: When you sign up for the military one of the freedoms you give up is to say disparaging and embarrasing things about your superiors.

    It is not un-American. The General knew what he was doing and he knew the consequences.

  • Baxter

    @Brutus: Actually, it is American. In America, the president is the head of the military. Thus when a general goes to the press to bash said president it is called insubordination. General MacArthur lost his job for making far less offensive criticisms of Harry Truman.

  • whatever

    @Brutus: You’re not very bright, are you?

  • whatever

    keep him around for a bit. let him take the fall the stupid surge stretegy in a bit. let him resign then, pin the failure on him, and most importantly, GTFO of Afghanistan!


    “What Sort of Punishment Will Gen. Stanley McChrystal Enjoy For Slamming Obama?”

    I’d rather toast in his honor.

  • Baxter

    @SSCHIEFRSHA: I don’t disagree with what McChrystal said for the most part, but he’s clearly in the wrong here and deserves to be fired. If you start allowing people in the military to publicly trash their superiors, the whole chain of command collapses.


    @Baxter: C’mon, McChrystal’s only fault was that he thought he could loosen up with RS magazine, a magazine he didn’t know also has highly politicized agenda. Right now he’s a rock star and must be treated as such. Give him whatever he feels he needs necessary for the accomplishment of the desired outcome to the Muslim Question. Let the man fight the war with a clear mind without the bureaucratic nonsense of government. It goes against the laws of warfare to interfere with the General[in ANYWAY]–Sun Tzu will be most displeased.

  • whatever

    The joker is gone–offered his resignation. :)

    “…a magazine he didn’t know also has highly politicized agenda.”

    And that would make him a fucking moron in addition to being guilty of insubordination. Good riddance if this guy is running things in that quagmire. If he doesn’t know the political slants of well-established magazines in the US, he’s supposed to be successfully heading counter-insurgency? Oy vey.

  • Lanjier

    Obama better fire his ass, pronto. And he has some nerve fucking up the war in Afghanistan and then acting as if he is some brilliant military leader. Fuck off, conserva-cunt.

  • whatever

    @Lanjier: Seriously. The guy is running the longest war in US history with the best military and he can’t even beat some raggedy-ass cave dwellers.

  • Billy

    Can you say “pink” slip LMAO

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