Whatever You Do, Don’t Call This 82-Year-Old Drag Queen A “Drag Queen”

1194367_1402653326.9706There’s no doubt that drag female impersonating diva James “Gypsy” Haake’s career is as chock of vintage Hollywood glamour as his wardrobe is.

Gypsy has been at it for over three decades, proving that you are truly never too old to be fabulous, even at 82, according to the Desert Sun.

There’s the little fact that he was dubbed “Gypsy” by none other than Chita Rivera, his legendary residency as emcee at La Cage aux Folles nightclub in West Hollywood in the ’80s where he impersonated female celebrities often times in front of real celebrities, and as a child of the ’80s I’d be remiss not to mention these three little words: Troop Beverly Hills.

But don’t get it twisted, James does not consider himself a drag queen.

“Everybody in this show, no matter if they’re wearing men’s clothes or female’s clothes, makeup, high heels or panty hose, it’s costumes for that show. When the it’s over the costumes go back up and they don’t stay on. And it’s not a lifestyle, it’s a workstyle.”

You’ve earned the right to be called whatever you want, James. We’re just happy you keep doing what you do.

And Gypsy has big plans to come out of retirement, which you can learn all about in this Go Fund Me video: