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Where Ricky Martin (Might) Parade Around With His Boyfriend For The First Time

Might Ricky Martin out his boyfriend for the first time at this year’s Out 100 event in New York City? The book-touring singer, who appears alongside folks like Rachel Maddow on the cover of Out‘s 100 issue, told Larry King this week: “I am in a relationship and I am very happy. It’s usually very overwhelming to start a relationship… and to be in a relationship with Ricky Martin. It gets a little bit more overwhelming for some reason now at this moment in my life when I am presenting my book and everything. … But you know, we’re not afraid of anything, we’re not hiding anything. It’s just whenever we decide to make it public well, we’ll walk onto the red carpet together I guess.” There’s nothing like a step-and-repeat to tell the world who you’re screwing.