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Which Actor Worries His Same-Sex Scandal Will Bring Down His Career Comeback?

BLIND ITEMS — “Oh, Fey Oiled-Tush! How the mighty have fallen, and may fall even further down the carnivorous Hollywood food chain. Last time we checked in with this married mega celebrity, he was mucho nervous, afraid his boy-on-boy mile-high club antics were going to be exposed by his pilot, whom Tushy treated with zero respect. Well, if that wasn’t bad enough… We hear a major, major scandal is about to come seeping through the tabloids that will bring Fey—and his reputation he’s tried so hard to keep in tact—down. Fey Oiled-Tush has tons of secrets, like getting it on with dude after dude, but this particular skeleton in his well-guarded attic is nevertheless on the verge of being exposed. And it’s something that’s, uh, a little more complicated than simply being a good-looking closet-case in Hollywood. See, some folks Oiled-Tush has gotten involved with behind the scenes are very bad people (even by Tinseltown standards, which is saying quite a lot). If those Fey’s consorted with decide to air their dirty laundry on Fey, the onetime stud could quite practically be run right out of the business. And Fey’s lawful beard and family will all be hurt, no doubt about it, and he can kiss his career adios. Despite this looming scenario, FOT finally booked himself a potential movie that could revive his career. But if this scandal comes out before its release date, the movie will be shelved—or at the very least, crushed (same difference). No family will go see this leading man in said blockbuster. ‘I’ve never seen him so nervous,’ dishes our insider close to Fey, who very well knows what is at stake if these extra-dirty little secrets come out. ‘He knows that if this movie gets killed, he will never work in this town again.’ And Fey’s nervousness is hardly without reason—as he’s been told by his shady biz partners they aren’t shy about leaking certain bits of damaging info they have on the dude. Wonder what the darling wifey will do if all this threatened exposing comes to be? Certainly she won’t want to stick around to be dragged down with him. Wife still has to have some brains, right? And It Ain’t: Kevin Bacon, Kevin Jonas, Marc Anthony.” [Casablanca]

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  • gregger

    It’s not Travolta, as he’s his own pilot. Maybe it’s that other famous Scientology who Cruised Santa Monica Blvd in his hustling days.

  • Nick

    I does sound like Tom Cruise, but…I don’t know…It also sounds like Kevin Spacey. Although I don’t know of any movies he is in right now.

  • scott ny'er

    I’m not sure there’s enough room here to speculate. I mean, aren’t there a ton of actors/actresses worried about this?

  • gregger

    not Miss Spacey, Helen Keller would know he’s a big queen.

  • Francis

    Since most Hollywood actors are not straight, I don’t even bother figuring out these blind items.

  • ChiGuy76

    My money is on John Travolta. Tom Cruise is a pretty close second though.

  • greenmanTN

    A lot of people seem to like them, but Blind Items annoy the hell out of me and Ted Casablanca is the WORST! Toothy Tile, anyone? He drove that thing into the ground! The hinted about scandal, outing, or coming out never seems to actually, you know, HAPPEN so what you’re left with is a bunch of people who insist that such-and-such and actor or actress is gay only because they’re convinced that’s who best fits some Blind Item they read.

    If you have reliable information about someone why not just SAY it instead of these stupid, coy guessing games?! Jeez!

  • Roger Rabbit

    Ok, I hate these childish games as well.

    So, with that concept in mind, with the amount of times that FEY was mentioned I would guess that it has to be someone that Tina FEY works with, so Anthony Baldwin??

    Sigh, I will never know anyway, so why bother.

  • slobone

    Dear Mr Queerty, maybe it’s time to cut back on the blind items when 1)nobody gives a shit, and 2)you start getting comments about Anthony Baldwin, whoever that is…

  • justiceontherocks

    Charlie Sheen.

  • Owen

    Cruise was never a prostitute. Michael J Fox, however, though straight, was gay for pay along Santa Monica pre Family Ties days. He appealed to the pedophile crowd. Everyone on the strip knew MJF’s phone booth where he got his calls after coming down from Canada and starving and being forced to do what a lot of now-stars, then-hungry, both male and female, have been forced to do.

  • EricCz

    I’ll roll with Tim Allen who has a new Disney series in the works. And, he’d loose alot of Disney Dollars….

  • ggreen

    Robert D.Jr. Those hustlers are beginning to shop book deals.

  • kitty littler

    Must be Leonardo DiC.

  • kae

    “the onetime stud”, that narrows it down; there aren’t any studs any more are there? Clint Eastwood ? (lol j/k). For some reason, I get the feeling that this studly guy maybe latino/hispanic what with all the little clues in there…

  • Nathan

    These blind items are no better than urban legends. If there was solid evidence Queerty wouldn’t hesitate to out a celeb; the traffic would be too much to pass up.

  • Superman

    Antonio Banderas.

  • Stenar

    @Nick: Uhh… that doesn’t sound at all like Kevin Spacey as Spacey has NEVER been married.

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