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Why Did Case Western Kick Out Its LGBT Coordinator After 88 Days?

Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, got rid of its first-ever LGBT Center coordinator after 88 days on the job. Even after he got Case rated as more gay friendly, which was his goal. Huh.

Dan Coleman says Deputy Provost Lynn Singer (pictured) told him on June 28 to resign or she’d fire him. Coleman was hired to open the center on April 2 “to provide support for the school’s LGBT students, faculty and staff.” With his ousting, the center has exactly zero staff.

So what did Coleman managed to do in those 88 days? Relays GPC:

Coleman said he was told to resign when he went to see Singer last month to tell her that the university had moved up a point, to 4.5 of a possible 5, on the LGBT-friendly Campus Climate Index. “I never got to tell her. I left the campus and have not contacted her since,” Coleman said. “I don’t know if she knows about it yet.” Concern about Case’s low score was one of the reasons for setting up the center.

Coleman said four things he worked on during his tenure were what raised the score. Coleman said those things were the LGBT resource library, the Lavender Graduation, the formalizing of the LGBT alumni affinity group, and mostly, his careful research of the campus and its LGBT-affirming activity for the index, which had not been done before. Coleman said he had the center “on target to have a mission and vision solidified” by now.

Coleman says he’s “baffled” by his removal. “I think they wanted someone to move slower on LGBT equality. They’re dedicated to it, but they want someone to take their time.”