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  • reason

    These are the people that get equal should be prodding in a respectful manner. The President, Speaker, and Senate Majority Leader have already said were they stand putting more pressure on them doesn’t accomplish much becuase when they call Senator Webb and say you need to get on board of DADT repeal he just chuckles thinking my supporters don’t give a darn about DADT while if the pressure was focused on him he would be like dang I guess this is more important then I thought. That is how the health care bill passed by targeting and pressuring people that were not on board via the unions, move on, constituents, so when the president finally weighed in with his grandiose one in a lifetime opportunity and this is why we came into politics he was able to nudge those people who were already thinking about moving into the yes column against the political expedient option.

  • Brian

    Given Webb’s association with boots, I think this was a creative idea unique to the recipient. I applaud the GetEQUAL individuals who did this. More of us (myself included) should undertake similar actions.

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