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James Ross, the former drag queen who went by Tyra Sanchez and took home the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race season two, has one final message for Tyra’s online audience: “Forget me.”

Ross has had a contentious relationship with the Drag Race fandom, which is known to behave horribly to some queens, sometimes going so far as to send racist messages and even threats of violence.

Of course, Ross has often escalated things, telling fans to kill themselves and threatening to attack DragCon, an action that got him banned from the massive event.

Ross posted one (possibly?) last Twitter thread on the topic, saying enough is enough:






And pinned to Ross’ Twitter profile (all Trya accounts have been deactivated), is this request:


After the DragCon incident, Ross later apologized for his role in the conflict.

“I was on an extreme roller coaster of emotions. So many ups and too many downs. Exhausted, I was just ready to get off the ride. Last year I finally did just that. Exit the ride,” he wrote at the time.

“I learned that for years I’ve been unknowingly beating myself up. Never believing I was good enough, I looked for acceptance in the wrong places and accepted undeserving treatment … I allowed the negativity to consume me. Bottling it inside and smiling through tears I became rebellious; thought it empowered me.

“I know right from wrong and I for damn sure know the online behavior I displayed in recent years ain’t how my momma raised me!

“No more fighting wars with hearts and anger, instead I decided to lead by example with dignity, honesty and integrity. I am here to encourage others and to stand together in love.”

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