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‘Wise Latina’ Gets OK From Senate Judiciary Committee, 1 Step Away from Supreme Court


Sonia Sotomayor is on her way to becoming a powerful robe wearer! The Senate Judiciary Committee today approved her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court in a 13-6 vote, sending her to a full Senate vote as early as next week. Naturally, the committee’s top Republican, Sen. Jeff Sessions, did not throw her his support: “In speech after speech, year after year, Judge
Sotomayor set forth a fully formed judicial philosophy that conflicts with American philosophy of blind justice to the law.” This is the same man whose version of “blind justice” includes banning same-sex marriage.

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  • RainaWeather

    Blind justice my ass

  • rick

    i love the sotomayor meme, as a latino woman i…..and then go off on her. kind of the like the i’m no fan of sarah palin but posts everywhere. evidently this country is just chock full of latino women who log onto computers and find websites to complain and all have the same problem with her.

  • Kid A

    @rick: I’d love to understand whatever the hell it is you’re saying.

  • M Shane

    Considering the fact that Judge Sotomayer is one of the best qualified Jurists to have been selected for the job those Right wing asses would just torture her with their lame bullshit: the mentality of those fools who are in Congress is well demonstrated by this limp accusation re;’blind justice’ I listened to many of those hearings and they just mercilessly cracked at her for turns of phrase etc, as if she was an idiot. It was insulting really.
    Considering the fact that they just ran those crackpots of Bush’s right on through with no hindrance, I think that we need to recognise that we still have a lot of weak kneed Right leaving Democrates and some Very meanspirited , contemptable Republicans.
    The full Senate had better make a clear road for her or there will be a lot of pissed of people.
    We’ve ,got a long way to go before things are on a path that will leave some hope for this country.

  • homofied

    I still think she’s a closet Lesbian, and the only reason the “outer” set doesn’t ask the question is because we have a bias that ultimately reveals the homophobia embedded in “outing” — only “out” those whom we don’t like. Meanwhile (and I’m an Obama democrat) the only hero in all of this is Lindsey Graham. His endorsement was eloquent in the way only those who have something to lose by saying what they say can be eloquent.

  • RainaWeather

    @Kid A: Me too…

  • homofied

    @RainaWeather: I think his/her point is that everyone is full of shit, when they’re slinging it on a blog wall.

  • hyhybt

    @homofied: What gives you the idea that she’s a lesbian? I’m not saying she *isn’t*; I have nothing to base an opinion on.

  • Dabq

    This is high comedy, some of the most vile, hateful, homophobic, racists humans on this planet trying to call someone else a bigot, only in America and Sotomayor is getting the last laugh from the party of no.

  • M Shane

    Amy Klobuchar wrote me ,among other things:
    “Judge Sotomayor will bring to the Supreme Court a unique combination of legal experience as a prosecutor, a private lawyer, a trial judge and an appellate judge. In fact, she has more experience as a federal judge than any nominee in 100 years. ”

    It seems vey strange, without any reason whatsoever to claim that she is a lesbian. Anyone with the slightest knowlegde of the schedules of working and diligent judges or attorneys knows well that they barely have time to sleep yet raise a family and go on dates.

    The social advantage of having a minority judge in a position of that kind can never be underestimated in my mind. Regardless of people’s crakiness about Obama’s slowness in meeting their personal needs first, the affect of having a black man in his position has altered the additudes of black people generally in a way that is daily apparent to me. Just yesturday, a youngster offered his sewat to me on the bus just because I’m an adult. Afro -americans are much more polite in this city than white people, something I certainly can’t claim before Obama was elected.

    That she has racial pride is understandable and admirable., when you consider that many white people have a new prejudice which needs to be extinquished.

    We are a minority, a marguinal group, who If we accept that fact and support the struggles of others in similar positions will benefit justy by that.

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