Which world leader was caught on tape mocking Donald Trump? Listen here.

For a man who so desperately needs to be liked, we have to wonder how Donald Trump feels knowing the majority of the planet thinks of him as a puffy Cheeto clown, albeit a worrisomely powerful one.

That includes world leaders like Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

While a phone call between the two men in January was widely reported as a diplomatic disaster, Trump has said their relationship is “fantastic.”

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“We’re not babies,” Trump added without a shred of irony.

Now the president’s “fantastic” friend Malcolm has been caught on camera openly mocking Trump to a room full of Australian media, and wouldn’t you know it? The bit was a success.

The event Turnbull spoke at is traditionally a closed-door event and not reported on, but the political editor at Australia’s Nine Network decided to break protocol and share it with the world.

Here’s some of what Turnbull says in the leaked footage:

“The Donald and I, we are winning and winning in the polls. We are winning so much, we are winning, we are winning like we have never won before.”

Turnbull recently saw a 10-point drop in the polls, and joked that he’s ahead in “online polls,” which are “so easy to win.” Sound familiar?

The Australian PM called the leak a “breach of faith.”

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Australia is one of the U.S.’s closest allies, so with friends like these…

Hear the audio footage below:

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  • crowebobby

    “…was in full crawling mode…” Wow, that’s a deep burn than anything Turnbull did to Trump. Turnbull’s was funnier, though.

  • DCguy

    Countdown to the Trump Trolls coming in here in hysterics, crying about what meanies people are to Trump.

    Because remember, attacking minority groups, being bigoted, and taking away their civil rights is a “Political Opinion” but mocking that person is cause for them to have a meltdown.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Didn’t Trump just put his trip to the UK on hold because he was told there would be massive protests against him? I don’t blame him, no one in the civilized world wants hm, no wonder the only “hot” welcome he received was in Saudi Arabia.

    • Stilinski26

      Nope I am from UK and this is fake news. He is still planning to come to the UK this summer. the reports has already been corrected.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Focus on the GOP members who should know better. Cloaked in lovely distraction the nefarious ones work to undermine us. We’re easier to control when we’re not strong financially, legally, or politically. Trump is the hairdo of our country. He’s fluff. Don’t be distracted by this dust bunny. Focus on the promulgation of Goldman Sacksters ushered into the National Hen House by this swindler and watch what the illegitimate Merrick Garland graft (grift) will do to Labor when they make paying union dues optional.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      And I don’t know why it bothers me a tinge to hear a non-citizen of the U.S.A. mocking our president. If it’s one of our own, it’s warranted; if it’s a comedian, demanded. If it’s the leader of another country, fight the urge to be unprofessional, despite the level of disrespect for our hairdo.

  • Terrycloth

    George Washington couldn’t tell a lie
    Richard Nixon couldn’t tell the truth
    Trump can’t tell the difference

    • o.codone

      Terrycloth. Trump can’t tell the difference? It’s the media that can’t tell the difference. This is Turnbull having a little fun, that’s all. It’s good natured fun. A joke. And, it was funny. But leave it to the hateful media and their acolytes to twist, distort and make this into hate speech, mockery and ridicule. This is the definition of fake “news”. It’s absolutely desperate So, the media and the left continues in it’s orgy of self destruction. Keep it up. 2020 is ours. MAGA.

    • ChrisK

      So let me see. Actually reporting facts is considered fake news and will bring about the oppositions destruction. Wow. Must be weird living in that fun house of smoke and mirrors.

    • mhoffman953


      Reporting facts is good. When news distorts facts or reports lies, then there is a problem.

      Someone on imgur even made a compilation of some fake news / biased news. See for yourself:

    • 1EqualityUSA

      cough-cough-Fox News-cough

  • captainburrito

    Seems like a trend in politicians around the world, make fun of Trump to raise your popularity at home.

    • ChrisK

      Good. I hope it continues. Cheeto deserves nothing but ridicule.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Turnbull is a republican and a traitor to the Crown. Who cares what he thinks?

    • Heywood Jablowme

      That’s rather harsh. Dozens of Commonwealth countries have become republics, usually while remaining IN the British Commonwealth. As in, half the countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Were they all “traitors” just because they left the Official QE2 Fan Club?

  • OzJosh

    This is about the only vaguely admirable thing Turnbull has done since becoming PM.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I bet his teeth are shifting. What a shipwreck. (Brought to you by Flotsam & Jetsam.)

  • trusgold

    who can blame him Trump is a joke and it will be a long 4 years if he doesn’t get impeached

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